A Creativity Project: Some Unique Ideas Using Stand Up Pouches

In today’s market, consumers tend to change their mind every chance that they can get. The businesses are forced to step up their game in trying to gain more shopper patronage. This includes some cheesy, even downright corny slogan or catchphrase and some fanciful market talk. However, consumers have proven that they are not as gullible as they once probably were. They can spot cheap tricks and tactics from a mile away and they would know if it is all just for show. Because of this, entrepreneurs need to come up with new ways to catch their customer base attention. It is crucial that to ensure that you are ahead of the curve and stand out from the rest. Especially since the free market will be swarming with competitors and they will be ready to pounce on each mistake you make. And how else can you stand out, if not by an excellent packaging scheme that not only highlights the product but tells a story of your business as well. And above all else, the container used should not only be beautiful, but also functional, durable, and can be used in more ways than one. Such is the benefit of using custom stand up pouches to house your business products.

Little by little, the packaging industry is starting to catch up and has admirably responded to the challenges posed by the recent trends. With some creative innovations, like custom stand up pouches, manufacturers, retail, and even the food industry have found new ways to catch the customers curiosity and lull them into trying out various products. And this is done without actually changing the products that are being sold. The stand up pouch can be used to house almost any kind of product and has been done so today. This includes soil, oils, powdered and liquid juice, electronics, pet food, restaurant doggie bags, and so much more. In this article we try to enumerate and take a look at some of the features offered by using stand up pouches.

They can stand on their own

By design, the base of stand up pouches will be filled first before the top, this means that even with a little volume the pouch will be able to stand on its own as its name promises. This is the design unique to the stand up pouches and has made it a favorite among many types of businesses. The way it works is that the gussets  at the bottom will expand when filled while leaving the other edges of the pouch closed as a lip. This makes the products sold on custom stand up pouches to be able to maximize shelf space by always facing proudly upwards towards the prospective consumer. Manufacturing through both manual and automatic labor benefits as well as the product can easily be filled whilst in an upright position.

They can fold into nothing

Because the stand up pouches are essentially just a thin plastic layer shaped into a bag, it makes it easier to store them when they are empty. This allows for factory inventory to keep a lot of inventory without worrying about the space that it will take up. They are also extremely light which means that it will not cost as much to move the empty packages around compared to other packaging solutions like glass and plastic bottles which not only are heavier but occupies more space as well.

They can be mounted

It is common for stand up pouches to have an extra lobe of plastic at the top. This sealed space is often reserved to punch holes in so the product can be sold hanging from the ceiling or from a wall. As the package is generally lighter than other packaging, the package itself is often strong enough to carry itself along with the product that it is filled with.

You can tear them open

Not all packages are easy to open especially those that require special attention when denying access to it from outside elements such as bacteria and dust. On the other hand, you can put in depressions along an area where you wish the customer would tear open the package so it is small enough that it does not spill but is big enough for the product to be enjoyed properly.

It is resealable

This is probably the consumer’s dream. Part of the dangers in buying large quantities of products like potato chips for example, is having them go stale because you will not be able to close the packaging that it came with. Using a stand up pouch however, you can put in zip locks on one edge where the consumer can grab some and then seal it for later consumption.

You can be as artistic as you want

Similar to how flashy product designs are printed on cans, bags bottles and others, stand-up pouch material can as well be customized towards the wishes of the business owner. This is possible because stand up pouches are often made using fine grade plastic that can keep the paint on it.

More space

Even when the stand up pouch i filled to the brim, it will still occupy less space compared to other forms of packaging. And since they are generally squishy yet strong, they can be cramped together in a smaller space to save on inventory space when travelling or keeping them in the store.

It can seal liquid

Skeptics of the product are more likely going to come from the beverage industry and rightly so. Whereas when using custom stand up pouches on solid grains, big or small, if punctured, will not be an issue if the hole is big enough. When using a stand up pouch on liquid however, even a tiny hole will be quite visible as the liquid will start dripping out immediately. Time and time again, however, stand up pouches are still a trusted form of packaging when using it on liquid.