A Guide on How to Choose the Best Forklift Train the Trainer Program

Working with a forklift is not the same as driving a truck or other vehicles. A forklift has many specialized functions, which calls for special training. If you own a growing business, you will need trained employees to run the forklift operations in your warehouse, docks, and factories. In such a case, you will naturally be looking to train your fleet to continually be competent and effective at work to operate forklifts safely. Therefore, to stay compliant with the OSHA norms and to meet the forklift certification and renewal requirements, it pays to have an in-house forklift trainer.

This is where the ‘Forklift Train a Trainer’ program comes in handy. The program empowers your workers with the requisite skills to become a qualified trainer and evaluator, to fulfill and run efficient forklift operations in your workplace.

Here’s how you can choose the right Train the Trainer program to have a dedicated and qualified staff in your organization to manage forklift certifications compliance:

Choose the Program Which Suits Your Business

In order to gain OSHA compliance for forklift training, there are two ways you can go about; either you can contact a training supplier and avail your employees with training from them, or you can choose a person or a group of people to train and then have them conduct it in-house.

If you are a small company with fewer forklift operators and a stable workforce, contracting out their training is your best bet.  Large companies with different and unique equipment with a high turnover can go for in-house training.

The Duration of The Program

A good ‘Train the Trainer’ program will span out at least two days. If the program offers a guarantee for completing the course in a short time with partial classes and such, those will not be quality programs. Short classes with no comprehensive schedule will not cover all aspects of the training.

Remember that even the forklift operator training takes a whole day to complete. So if any program promises otherwise, take a step back and think before signing up.

Availability of Online Training

Many Train the Trainer programs have started to offer online and in-house classes. In addition to safety, online programs also help you cut down costs, especially travel costs.

You also get the convenience of taking up the class from any place, at your own pace and time. The online program lets you choose a favorable time slot for attending the class as well. With a computer and good Wi-Fi connection, you can complete the training along with certification.

Criteria for Results

If the program shows out-of-chart positive results with everyone taking the course excelling in it, then consider that a big red flag. If the program has a high success rate without any quality standards set, it just means that they work for money rather than sending out good forklift trainers.

Find a Forklift Train the Trainer program with specific fixed criteria that all the trainers must meet to pass the course. It ensures that every trainer who finishes the course successfully is, in turn, competent to train the workers in the company.

Knowledge and Skills

The trainers in the program should possess good ‘book knowledge’ along with hands-on skills. They should possess the detailed know-how of different aspects of forklift operations on the field. Proficiency in book knowledge is also essential for forklift training and safety. Trainers gain adequate knowledge and experience on how the whole process works when they are adept in these two aspects.

Check the Class Size and the Support They Offer

A lot of these programs are conducted just like seminars. Many programs take place in hotel seminar rooms, with about 20 to 30 people attending each session. But, this does not help when it comes to forklift training.

Look for classes with ten or fewer attendees per session. Check if they have facilities for ‘on the floor’ operation and hands-on experience. Once the training is done, the program should offer a sound support system in the form of a newsletter, keep in touch and send out regular updates.

Training Materials & Cost

Check what materials are included with the program and their cost. One has to make sure of this before signing up, as it can be challenging to train well without the materials in hand. Along with this, ensure the cost of the material.

Compare it with other programs, and if it seems to be overpriced, choose it only after looking into the content of the materials and their quality.

Besides the document of attestation from a training program, OSHA does not exercise precise requirements in terms of licensing certificates and necessary documents a forklift trainer should possess to determine their expertise.

So it all comes back to you. Ensure that you research well about the individual or training program you choose so that you can offer your employees a chance to gain knowledge and experience in the form of quality training.