A Guide to Buy Beautiful and Functional Glass Water Pipes

The stunning water pipes are manufactured with special quality glass and are worth buying to boost your smoking experience. You can buy them in various amazing shapes and sizes from brands like Chameleon Glass Pipes.

Each glass pipe is made to try a specific quantity and product type. Smoking with a glass pipe offers a significant impact by being gentle on the lungs. Hence, add a sturdy yet peculiar piece to your collection to enjoy its distinctive benefits.

A Guide to Buy Beautiful and Functional Glass Water Pipes

Due to the consistent increase in the demand for glass pipes, the competition in the bong industry has become too stiff. The number of sellers has deliberately increased, creating confusion for the customer to pick the best one.

According to experts, the best way to purchase glass pipes is by choosing a good brand. Whether you are a first-time amateur buyer or an experienced one, a great glass pipe can offer you smooth hits.

This guide helps you find what you are looking for.

Types of Glass Pipes

Mostly, there are five different types of glass water pipes that have their benefits. Each of these adds something exclusive to your smoking experience.

Chillums: A Chillum is the most basic shape of a glass pipe. These are glass tubes and among the most primal methods of smoking. Using it is very easy; you can enter your dry herb at one end, light up the herb and start smoking from another end. The size of the chillum plays a significant role in deciding the temperature and size of the hit.

Spoon Pipes: These are called the next-generation pipes. It has taken similar looks from the chillum, and the only difference is the bowl design that covers one end. The bowl is available to deposit extras while smoking. This design contains a hole over the bowl, also known as ‘carburetor,’ to let the air in through the bowl. You can buy it from brands like Chameleon Glass Pipes for an optimum experience in every hit.

Bubblers: Bubblers glass pipes are meant to make bubbles while you smoke. This type combines the bong and glass pipe and can be used with both ice cold and hot water. The temperature of the water has an excellent effect on its flavor.

Steamrollers: Of all the types of glass pipes, this design is the most complex to use. These pipes are simple tubes containing a bowl at one end and work somewhat like spoon pipes. These are not recommended for first-time smokers as they need time to practice smoking.

Sherlock Pipes: This glass pipe has a longer stem and is also referred to as Gandalf Pipe. The name justifies the way of smoking of the famous fictional character ‘Sherlock Holmes.’

How to Find a Good Glass Pipe?

There are many things to check while choosing a good glass pipe. Following are some essential factors to consider while making the right selection.

Glass Type: The glass pipes are not made of ordinary water glass but glass used in a lab, often known as borosilicate. This glass quality is meant to withstand different temperatures and multiple chemicals/substances without affecting its quality. So, while buying one, check for the glass quality.

Pipe Style: Everyone has their preference for smoking. So, it is recommended to choose a style that is most comfortable and fits your personal preference.

Brands: All the brands are not equal, and it is better to choose what fascinates you the most. Do not judge by price as higher price does not equal good quality.

The Edge Point

Smoking with pipes has significantly increased to a greater extent. It is good to choose the one that you consider reliable and worth buying.