A Guide to Buy the Best Big Hats

The winds of fashion are ever-changing. New trends come in, while old ones go out. This is a cycle that has been going on for centuries. A hat is one of the fashion accessories that have a long history starting from 3200 BC.

Many people wear hats to give their heads a cool shade and protect it from scorching sun rays. However, hats are not only worn to protect your head. Wearing hats is professional, ceremonial, social status marking, or even a fashion essential for some people.

If you are one of those ardent fans of wearing hats, here is a guide to buying the best hats.

Know Different Types of Hat

You can find various options at a big hat store with a collection of hats you can choose from. Here are some popular types of hats.

Dad Hat: It is a 6-panel baseball cap with unstructured front panels. The dad hat has been around for many years, and it comes with style. These caps do not have frills like fitted caps and trucker caps, but it has a gently pre-curved brim. The dad hat is perfect for everyday use. It is available in XL and XXL sizes. The XL size will fit 90% of the heads. The XXL is super big and will fit the remaining 10%.

A big hat store has two types of snapback caps which include unstructured and structured snapback. Here are some details of these daily-wear caps.

Unstructured Snapback: Unlike dad hats, the unstructured snapback has five panels of construction. It is made of soft fabric and ideal for all-day wear. It has a comfortable fit and comes with a plastic snapback that allows you to adjust the fit. It has stitched eyelets and a flat brim that can be curved by hand.

Structured Snapbacks: The structured snapback has six panels and a structured crown paired with a soft fabric. It is available in a wide range of colors and two sizes – XL and XXL. Though most heads will fit in XL size, you also have the plastic snapback to adjust the cap fitting.

Curved Bill Hat: The curved bill hat does not have visible panels. It features a softly structured crown paired with an ultra-soft fabric. It is generally made of 100% cotton, which makes it ideal for wearing all day long. It comes with a moderately curved brim and stitched eyelets.

Flexible Fit Hat: It has six unstructured panels with a crown. The flexible fit hat also comes with a pre-curved brim. The hat is made of a mix of Lycra (3%) and cotton (97%), giving it a stretching characteristic. It comes with a flexible sweatband.

Camp Hat: The camp hat features an unstructured 5-panel camp with an adjustable nylon strap. The nylon strap can stretch for a comfortable fit. This low-profile hat is made of 100% cotton and ideal for outdoor activities.

Bucket Hat: These hats are made of super-soft cotton and ideal for sunny days. The bucket hat is versatile and has a timeless style. It is a clean and casual aesthetic. The hat also comes with stitched eyelets.

Beanies: The beanie is made of wool and perfect for cold weather. The high-quality wool gives you comfort and warmth, and it has a timeless cuffed style.

These are some of the popular styles of hats you can buy. These hats are available in various patterns and colors.

  • Know the Materials: Hats are made of different materials like felted wool, cotton twill, Lycra twill, and several other fabric types. The fabric plays a crucial role in the comfort of wearing a hat. For example, people wear hats made of felted wool in cold weather. It keeps your head warm and comfortable. Similarly, hats made of cotton twill are ideal for warmer seasons as they keep your head cool.
  • Eyelets: A good cap/hat will have an adequate number of eyelets in the design. These eyelets function as vents to allow heat that builds inside to escape outside. It reduces perspiration and keeps you fresh.

Determine Your Face Shape

Your face geometry determines which type of hat will suit and enhance your personality. Before choosing the hat type, examine your face shape. You can categorize the human face shapes into six types – triangle, square, heart-shaped, oblong, round, and oval shape. Find out your face shape and hat that will work best for it.

To sum up, hats have become a daily fashion accessory. It completes your look. You can have multiple hats in your collection and wear any hat that looks good with your dress.