A New Top Dog Meme Coin in the NFT World: Cybershinu

The dog meme coin is gaining traction in the cryptocurrency world these days. Cybershinu is a pioneer in the emerging NFT space, offering a variety of positive initiatives to retail investors.

What is Cybershinu?

Cybershinu is a standard ERC-20 token. However, the company has hopes to see the current dog-token industry advance. Cybershinu aspires to be the king of meme coins, with a compelling narrative, a transparent launch, and an incredible comic book series.

And, with a competitive spirit in mind, the project plans to bring its meme coin to the masses as a universally accepted currency.

Cybershinu empowers the average investor by offering a fair presale launch at a fixed token price. Investors in $CYSHI will always be ahead of the pack, and members won’t have to worry about whale Dumping. Cybershinu is the most secure way to store your money.

Interesting features of Cybershinu

Cybershinu offers a variety of exciting features to the retail investor, including the following:

Presale with a set price (WAGMI) – Members will be able to purchase $CYSHI at a fixed rate of 1 $CYSHI for $0.005 USD during the pre-sale, which runs from February 21 through March 7.

As a result, the community will receive a moonshot token that is guaranteed. No seed/early round sales will occur, and there will be no whitelists. At $0.005, everyone is admitted equally.

Following the presale, individuals will be able to access the website to claim their $CYSHI. Cybershinu believes that this distribution model will result in a site that is significantly more active and growing at a faster rate than the majority of other community sites.

There are no transaction fees – The company has a belief that people should have complete control over their tokens at Cybershinu. That is why it has chosen not to impose any taxes on members’ tokens.

Numerous other meme coins charge a fee ranging from 5% to 15% on their coins, which benefits only the whales while harming the people. Cybershinu aims to provide users with an equal opportunity to own a stake in the protocol.

Truly Decentralized – True DeFi Cybershinu provides members with complete control over their tokens through strategic collaborations. It believes that only through unity will holders be able to fully realize their true potential as token holders.

The company is also looking for innovative ideas for how members can earn some extra cash with the forthcoming Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

Pad Cybershinu – Token holders can own a token using the upcoming simple contract wizard by Cybershinu. Members will be able to organize their own presale, similar to $CYSHI, with little difficulty.


Tokenomics can be classified into five broad categories. DEX/CEX receives 50%, Staking 20%, Pre-Sale 20%, Team 5%, and Locked-Incentives 5%. The locked incentives represent 5% of the tokens issued and held in escrow for one year.

Additionally, the team is setting aside 5% of its earnings for marketing, unforeseen taxes, and charitable contributions.  There will be a limited supply of 100B tokens available during the pre-sale. Each Toke will be sold at a cost of $0.0005.

Due to the critical nature of the pre-sale to the Cybershinu objective, any remaining tokens will be burned if the pre-sale does not achieve the required 20%. Following the pre-sale, 20% staking will be applied. The final step is straightforward.

The remaining 50% is divided into 20% DEX and 30% CEX liquidity, both of which will be locked.


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