A poster to attract eco coffee lovers

People care more and more about the environment, and they also drink a lot of coffee. So naturally, they shifted their attention to the way their coffee is being produced and served. And what they saw were coffee sleeves that were on the cup only for a few minutes and then thrown away in the bin. Fortunately, there are already biodegradable sleeves on the market, like the ones from https://hotshotsleeves.com/, but you can expand the length of your coffee sleeve’s life and be even less wasteful. Here is a little DIY idea for a poster to drive people through the door of your coffee shop, and it’s about ways how you can reuse coffee sleeves. Photograph the following three ideas and make a small marketing campaign out of it.

Socks organizer

Coffee sleeves have the perfect shape to fit a pair of socks in. Open your drawer and arrange rows or socks with the help from coffee sleeves. This will save you some time looking for matching socks, and you can now forget about the mess in your underwear drawer. No more lost socks!

A phone stand

It might seem ridiculous, but there is no better phone stand than one created from a coffee sleeve. Cut one side of the sleeve to fit your phone and there you go. You can now watch a movie on your phone during a boring conference or lecture.

Turn them into magnets

Coffee sleeves tend to have fun and colourful patterns on them, and you can use that to your advantage. Cut any shape you like from the sleeve and hot glue it to a regular magnet. This will change the look on your fridge, and make you proud of the thing you stick to it with your magnets.

You have ideas. You have the sleeves. Now it is time to surprise your customers with your creativity. And if you are interested in more sustainable ideas for your coffee shop, look at the graphic below.