A proposal guide for shy people and how to make your family a part of it

Are you that guy who loves being around people but fails to interact? Human interaction isn’t your cup of tea but as soon as you open up with someone close it’s all filled with a secret charm that’s unquestionably adorable! You want to take your relationship ahead of the surface. You dream of making that heavenly proposal that remains immortal in her thoughts, but wait, is it you that gives this thought a backseat?

Being shy doesn’t mean you are boring or out of words, it’s a human thing to be one, perhaps you never know who falls for that innocent reservation you have!

Not being able to express even when the words are trying to burst out is a part & parcel of being a shy guy. Your love is right in front of you & your crazy heart just can’t stop but wants to pour out every thought and feeling you hold but your shyness, yes that shyness becomes such a downer!

Here’s a proposal guide to seeking her yes and making that little moment, a big memory!

Pen Down Your Thoughts. Written words can never go wrong. This classic approach is a sure winner if used creatively. You can write a short poem, outline how your relationship progressed and how you want to take it further or anything. Trust me; words coming straight from your heart are likely to make an impact!

A Perfect Candlelight Dinner. This fairy-tale approach can make her fall head over heels in love with you. Take her to a calm and soothing place where it’s just you and her sitting and conversing about things that matter. Perfect the ambiance around and make her look like she deserves every bit of it. While in the middle of a conversation, just drop your glass and ask her to be a part of the life you see with her.

A Planned Venue Proposal. Plan a secret evening at a fine cozy place subtly decorated with sweet-smelling flowers and candles. Take her to the place uninformed and see how crazy it gets once she discovers what’s there for her. Whisper those sweet nothings in her ears and ask her to be a lifetime companion for you!

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These were some ideas you can use to propose to someone special using lab-grown diamonds from New World Diamonds.

If you’re hoping to get engaged soon, you probably want to start planning how you’re going to ask the question to your partner. Involving your families is one of the best ways to propose in front of the people that really matter to you. So don’t worry if you’ve not got a plan yet!

There are five best ways that involve your family in some way or another way:

On a Family Vacation: If you’re the type of person who really loves to travel, look into booking a family vacation to a special destination. When you book your trip, ask your significant other if they’d be willing to come along on a surprise excursion – say a one-night cruise or a weekend jaunt at a cozy inn – and propose on the trip.

That way, for once, both members of the relationship will be spending time with their significant other’s family!

Over the Holidays: We’re going to let you in on a little secret: holidays are a great time for proposals because you can blame any tears of joy on seasonal emotions.

If your family plans an elaborate holiday party or gathering, it’s a perfect opportunity to make a heartfelt speech or toast about how your significant other is the best thing that ever happened to you.

Since everyone is already in a festive mood, there will likely be plenty of applause and happy tears.

Pull off a Surprise Party: If you’re not big on grand gestures or being the center of attention, why not try a surprise party instead? It’ll put less pressure on you and allow your loved ones to be involved in some way at your nuptials. If you aren’t sure how to plan the party without your partner finding out, turn it into a fun game.

Opt for a Post-Proposal Dinner: Happy couples always have a “something big” on the horizon, but when you’ve got something big; don’t wait to celebrate with your family.

Send out an email with your plans for a post-proposal dinner or just have it at home with everyone else. A proposal followed by a cozy dinner, sounds just perfect, right?

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