A Short Guide for Identifying Common Rodents in Toronto

Mice and rats are incredibly common pests that find their way inside Toronto homes. While they are present during the summers, their rates alarmingly increase during the cold months. That is mostly because they seek shelter and warmth.

These rodents aren’t just scary, they can cause diseases by contaminating the food in your home and walking around with their filth. Other than that, they can also chew through the wiring and cause a fire in your home.

That’s why you need to get rid of them as fast as possible. If you know what type of rodent is roaming around your home, then you can easily find the right products and traps to catch them and throw them out.

But if you are afraid to go near the rodent, and looking at it is not an option, then call power pest control to take care of it. The pest control can also find out if there is more than one, and cut them out from the source while getting rid of them.

Now let’s get into the four common pest rodents found in Toronto.

House Mouse

The average house mouse might be among the most troublesome rodents all around the world. This species of mice have adapted to living side-by-side with humans, and they can survive all year round.

Their distinguishing feature might include a pointed nose, large round ears, long hairy tail, and tiny black beady eyes. They can have brown, black, or grey fur. They are usually not larger than 10 cm, and as short as 7 cm. If you count the tail, then add 5 to 10 cm more.

Deer Mouse

The deer mice can be commonly found in rural areas, particularly around farm animals. They also love living in wooden structures, such as barns and sheds. While they can survive indoors, they prefer to stay out.

These mice are very troublesome because they are commonly found to spread the Hantavirus that is transmissible to human beings.

Their features include big eyes and 2-ton coloring. They usually have a brown top fur with white limbs and underbelly.  They are often 15 cm long from tip to tail. They got the name “deer” because they are runners and jumpers, making them very scary.

Norway Rat

What you may call a common or a sewer rat is actually called a Norway rat. These are the largest of all the common rodents. They can be as much as 28 cm long and easily weigh around 500 grams.

These rats have a blunt snout, black beady eyes, small ears, and gray or brown fur. You can commonly find them in sewers, garbage bins, and piles of wood, among other places.

Roof Rat

These are the black rats most commonly called ship or roof rats. They are quite small in size when compared with the Norway rats, but their tails much are much longer in comparison.

They have big black or dark brown ears with a light underside that seems almost hairless. These rats are excellent climbers, which is why they live on trees and higher levels or the roof of homes.