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A teary eyed Sophie Monk KISSES James on Bachelorette

Bachelorette Sophie Monk welcomed three older suitors to her pool of eligible bachelors on Wednesday night.

But the blonde bombshell chose to spend a one-on-one time with financial advisor James Trethwie during a bizarre street performance date.

Twirling ribbons, rapping and dancing on stage, Sophie was impressed by the hunk: ‘chose the perfect person to do this with and he really stepped up like I thought he would.’ 

Later, they shared a drink as James complimented Sophie’s ability to make people smile.

‘You’re gonna make me teary. I’m not gonna save lives, that’s for sure. I can’t even read a book! But that’s what I want to do. Make people happy,’ she said holding back tears. 

Sophie told the cameras: ‘James make me feel really good about myself, and I can tell he’d be really supportive of me. Which means a lot to me, ’cause I’ve never really had that before.’

James went on to claim he didn’t know she would be The Bachelorette when he applied, but has been pleasantly surprised and excited ever since.

Sophie interrupted with, ‘can I just kiss you?’ to which he happily obliged.

She then offered him a rose: ‘Honestly. You love family. You’re a good guy. Like, you can do everything. You’re everything I’m looking for in a man. So, James, will you accept this rose?’

Meanwhile, a ‘back to school’ themed group date was introduced to ‘test’ seven of her remaining contenders.

Oldest contestant and millionaire Stu, 44, poked fun of himself in the school uniform, claiming: ‘I left school before these guys were born!’

Their first task was to verse in an airplane flying contest, with the two least-impressive flights being eliminated.

Jarrod begged intruder Guy to fail, so he could remain on the date and celebrated when his rival had a disappointing turn.

As a result intruders Guy and Stu were taken out of the running, with Blake and Mack also being eliminated during a basketball challenge.

Rivals Sam, Jarrod, AJ and Ryan continued onto a mathematics challenge.

Jarrod embarrassingly was eliminated after confidently answering ‘560 x 0’ with 560.

Ryan joked: ‘ I think we found out who does the accounts back at the vineyard. It’s obviously not Jarrod.’

Ryan and intruder AJ made it to the final round, sounding off in a spelling bee customised to their professions.

Chef AJ claimed he ‘deliberately took the fall’ when he failed to spell ‘cuisine’ correctly in the final round.