A Top Solution for Musicians and Producers

Composing music today is a truly creative process when you bring together various beats and tracks into something unique and catchy. Yet finding the royalty-free samples may be daunting, if not downright disheartening. So what is the solution? A sample library, of course!

Borivers team believes that each creator should be free to focus on what they can do best. If you are a musician, a DJ, a producer, or a beat-maker, your job is to make music for people to enjoy.

So Borivers take care of the trickiest aspect of the music business: they create instrumental beats, sample packs, presets, and various sound FX. Borivers draw inspiration equally from top performers, newcomers, and underdogs.

You can browse the library to put a track together by yourself – or you can let us mix and master the track for you.

Borivers Music has been around for a good few years. This is a Ukraine-based company founded by two brothers with a shared passion for music. Keeping the company independent allows them to focus on the creative side and deliver the top service at a fairly low price.

This sets them apart from many giants of the music industry.

Making Music with Borivers

The beauty of working with the company is that, rather than paying a composer, you pay for a complete piece of music that you can instantly use in your own work. It saves a lot of time since composers need inspiration and a creative impulse to produce unique work.

Hiring an established composer also means paying an impressive price for his talent and mastery. You may be tempted to save and turn to a less known and experienced musical hack. Chances are, however, that you will waste both money and effort.

This is where Borivers Music comes in to take the stress out of the creative process. Here is just a glimpse at what you can find in their library:

  1. sample packs
  2. soundbanks
  3. drum kits
  4. background music
  5. rap instrumentals
  6. and much more

The range of styles and genres is truly impressive, but the advantages of using the library do not end there. The company owners take pride in helping their clients to unleash their true potential.

The breadth of musical material allows trying an infinite mix of genres, making crossovers you have probably never thought of!

Supplying clients with royalty-free music does not end with a purchase. If needed, the brothers, who have earned a good reputation in the music industry over the years, will do the engineering work on the track.

As a result, not only do the clients get samples and beats, they also receive unlimited help to produce original work.


Borivers Music far exceeds the definition of an online sample library. This is a full-scale music studio where music enthusiasts go for advice and assistance to ensure their produce a top product.

Unsurpassed quality and creative approach make it the no.1 stop for both amateurs and professionals. Visit their site, browse the library, and make an inquiry. Your personal Magical Musical Tour may start today!