A train travel in Vietnam

What to expect when taking train travel in Vietnam? Taking a trip through Vietnam by a train passing through the mountain ranges, peaceful villages, busy cities, and stunning coastline is freakingly a great way of discovering and experiencing the country.

Guide To Experience A Fabulous Train Travel In Vietnam

Train travel in Vietnam is one of the experiences that many people love in recent years, because of its convenience, quality, and the opportunity to admire the sceneríe.

If you are bored with the hard-to-breathe coaches, long and tiring motorbike trips, or flights so fast that you don’t even have time to feel anything, then the train is a perfect choice.

This is an amazing Vietnam travel journey that is both economical and comfortable and promises to bring you many interesting experiences, especially with many high-class services and luxury facilities.

You can refer to the latest train travel in Vietnam information below.

Outstanding features of traveling through Vietnam by train

Along the journey of Vietnam train travel to visit the tourist destinations in the country, you will surely be captivated by the breathtaking natural scenery outside as the wheels move.

Depending on your choice, you can expect to see countless immense rice fields, soft sparkling rivers, golden sand dunes, majestic high mountains, romantic floating clouds, or enchanting sea routes.

It seems that now all the gifts bestowed by nature and wonderful artificial works are captured in the small window of the train, turning it into a mini TV screen showing a lively and charming program.

Having train travel in Vietnam, you can also save costs because tickets are often cheap and rarely run out except for Tet or holidays, and can be purchased online or directly at the station.

One thing you need to keep in mind is that you should buy them early to have the chance to choose a good seat for the whole group, avoiding being split into different train carriages.

You can comfortably choose a variety of seats with different qualities and prices, suitable for your budget, time, and personal preferences.

Often with long distances travel through Vietnam by train, you should choose a first-class sleeper train Vietnam to avoid drowsiness and pain, while soft and hard seats are suitable for shorter distances.

When taking train travel in Vietnam, hard seats are the cheapest, made from solid wood, while soft seats are a bit more expensive but still quite affordable, designed to be able to adjust the backrest.

Finally, there is the sleeper ticket with usually 6 beds in 1 carriage, divided into 2 rows with thick mattresses, blankets, and pillows, more comfortable so the price is also higher.

Preparation before taking rail travel in Vietnam

To have the most comfortable Vietnam travel by train, you need to prepare all the necessary items in advance, avoiding the rush and unexpected situations.

You must bring with you a sturdy suitcase with wheels attached, because from the station door to the train is quite a long way, sometimes even a kilometer.

Other necessary items that can be mentioned are a small flashlight in case the lights turn off at night or the train goes through the tunnel, as well as face towels, toilet paper, necessary medicines, etc.

When taking train travel in Vietnam, do not forget to bring a camera or camcorder to capture the beautiful scenery outside, a charger, and maybe even a power bank, although the trains are often very modern with wifi and full sockets.

You can wear nice clothes to take check-in pictures, but according to many people, it is best to choose neat and comfortable clothes for easy moving and rest because the travel time will be quite long.

It is still best not to bring money but just keep the ATM card and only withdraw money when you get to the tourist place to avoid being pickpocketed. If you do want to bring cash to buy things on the train, you should put it all in your handbag and keep it with you at all times.

Eating and drinking in a luxury train travel through Vietnam

One of the most interesting points of train travel in Vietnam is food and drinks – in recent years, service quality has increased significantly, especially for luxury trains.

The menu is not too diverse but still has enough options for you such as noodles, rice, bread, soft drinks, filtered water, and tea.

However, the prices will often be higher than usual and if you have a weak stomach or are a picky eater, it is advisable to prepare food and drinks in advance. When eating, remember to keep it clean, avoid smelly things like shrimp paste or durian, and don’t throw garbage in other people’s places.

Note when a train traveling in Vietnam

If you take a seat on train travel in Vietnam, keep your luggage under the seat or in the luggage compartment neatly, and push it into the inner corner or under the bed if you buy a sleeper ticket.

You should put your luggage very close to the bed so that in case you fall asleep and someone likes to rummage around, they will take some time to take it out and you can wake up before they open it.

If your place is on the top bunk, you should keep your suitcase in the compartment next to your head, lock it tightly, and do not open it unless absolutely necessary, keeping the key on your body.

When getting on and off the train, you should be slow and steady because most people will rush and jostle, remember to hold onto your personal belongings and put your phones deep in your pockets.

Before you disembark from your train travel to Vietnam, it’s a good idea to fold down your blankets and take a final look at what’s missing.

When moving out of the station, you should not ask someone else to push your suitcase or keep your belongings, because there is a high chance that you will lose all your stuff in the hands of thieves that cannot be found.

When traveling to Hanoi, you find out that this city is recommended as a great starting point which offers lots of travel routes to other regions & famous tourist attractions in the country.

The top most popular train journeys in Vietnam offer you lots of interesting experiences when passing through endless stunning landscapes from north to south.

  • – Hanoi – Sapa
  • – Hanoi – Hai Phong
  • – Da Nang – Hue
  • – Ho Chi Minh city – Mui Ne
  • – Nha Trang – Quy Nhon
  • – Hanoi – Ho Chi Minh city

Traveling through Vietnam by train is one of the activities that have received a lot of attention from young people in recent years.

This is an extremely unique and economical experience, helping you to fully feel the beauty of many different places in this country.

You must definitely try train travel in Vietnam if you have a chance, crossing beautiful sceneries and special landscapes for long trips.