A virtual bookshelf for you could be beneficial

A virtual bookshelf is an online library where you can put your flipbook and read it anywhere you want.  FlipHTML5 is software that allows you to make your flipbook and use it where ever you want. You can make flipbook host them and share to others. And it will help you to gain money because it contains images, videos, animation related to the content.

Are you looking for a content manager, publisher? Then virtual bookshelf is the best choice for you that helps you to manage your content.

Why you should use a virtual bookshelf?

A virtual bookshelf is benefited you by assisting to boost your eCommerce website sale, hosting, content managing, publishing with inserted media functions like videos, images, animation, etc.

Benefits of virtual bookshelf

  • Online business
  • Content managing
  • Hosting
  • Branding

 Online business:

Though a virtual bookshelf gives a digital catalog containing images, video customers can easily understand the detail about the product. Users can put links to his eCommerce website via a virtual bookshelf where customers can visit their desire product and users can make sales quickly and efficiently.

Content managing:

If your website is not so much organized visits don’t stay a long time on that. Because anyone visits on a site to get their information fast. If you have that info on your site but failed to show it to a visitor in a respective time you will fail to grab traffic on it. FlipHTML5 which has a unique feature called virtual bookshelf helps you to manage your website content as organized as visitors want. They will have their information within a few seconds by clicking 1 0r 2 times.


If you anxious about where to host your publications or you have huge PDFs that need more storage and you want to make those handy, then you should use virtual bookshelf  where you can host your content and share the link to others trough online that anyone can access.


Virtual bookshelf allows you to customize your logo even the title of the bookshelf, you can change your bookshelf domain and set to own. For that customization, you can make your brand on virtual bookshelf.

Other features of Virtual bookshelf:

  • Interactive: if you want to publish Digital publications FlipHTML5 will interactively help you.
  • Branding: you can market your brand by custom domain, book loading logo, book reader logo, bookcase logo, homepage banner, etc.
  • Monetization: you can make money from your publications by selling books, google AdSense, and advertising banner.
  • Security: FlipHTML5 virtual bookshelf care about your privacy. You can make privet publications and visitors have to seek permission for you.
  • Multi-output: Users can make the various format of his or her publication like zip, exe, HTML, and sent these via email.
  • Configuration: Configure Digital publication by own. Change language to your mother tongue, auto flipping mode, custom background image, music, slide mode, create a table of content, make multiple PDFs to a single book, etc. are custom configuration.


Virtual bookshelf all in one software that allows you to publish, manage, host, access locally, and remotely of your publications. Instead of these, it gives you a way to earning by boost your eCommerce site articles. All those things are safe and protective. So, if you looking for that kind of service you can go with FlipHTML5 virtual bookshelf.