A Weekend in Seattle: What to See, Eat, & Do

Well known for its music,  coffee, and weather, Seattle is an excellent stop for a weekend trip. From sightseeing along the waterfront to trying out fresh seafood, there is something for everyone in this unique metropolis. Even the people are unusual!

Well known for the so-called “Seattle Freeze,” Seattleites are more likely to enjoy spending time with dogs than people. While Seattle may be a relatively small city, there are plenty of fun activities to keep you busy.

What to See in Seattle

Easily recognized by the Space Needle, Seattle is a city with a distinct skyline.

Due to its many hills, there are plenty of unique vantage points to take in the city sights, such as Kerry Park. Whether you want to snap a great photo for social media or just want to take in extraordinary sunsets, it’s always worth stopping and enjoying the view.

If you’re willing to adventure further out, there are also plenty of hiking trails for beginners and pros alike, many of which have great city views!

If you’re more interested in less taxing activities, there is always Seattle Center and Pike Place Market. Luckily, both spots are a short bus ride away from one another, making them an easy one-day adventure.

As one of the most famous locations in Seattle, Pike Place is a must-see for every visitor. Full of wild sights and smells, as well as plenty of fun shopping, the market is an iconic and historic spot right in the heart of the city.

Once you’ve had your fill of the hustle and bustle, head over to the Seattle Center; it offers all kinds of events and shows, as well as some beautiful green spaces that are perfect for a long walk, as long as it isn’t raining.

Best Bites to Fill Your Belly

As you might expect for a coastal city, Seattle is home to some excellent seafood. With the ocean’s bounty so close by, there is always fresh seafood to try and plenty of different options, so you’re certain to find something you’ll like.

Local chains, such as Ivar’s, are favorites amongst Seattleites.

Perhaps most popular in Seattle, however, is the incredible variety of Asian cuisines. The entire city is packed with cooking styles from all over Asia, including some specific regional dishes that are hard to come by even in larger cities.

No matter what neighborhood you are in, there will be a plethora of delicious foods to try! If you’re looking for a snack to bring with you or some tasty souvenirs, Uwajimaya, a local grocery store, is a smart stop.

Shop ‘Til You Drop

Seattle may not have the most densely packed shopping districts, but there is plenty of variety for even the most avid shoppers. Neighborhoods such as Ballard and Fremont are a must if you’re a fan of vintage shopping.

Both areas are easily walkable and full of quaint boutiques and small restaurants, making it easy to shop for as long as you want! For those who prefer shopping at more familiar retailers, there is University Village.

Well known for its charming landscaping and high-end retailers, it’s a great one-stop shopping spot. You’ll be sure to notice some of Seattle’s iconic fashion while you’re out and about, and if you feel like updating your wardrobe to match, the downtown area is your best bet.

The Best of Coffee

It’s no surprise that the home of the world’s largest coffee chain is full of coffee shops.

If you love coffee or just enjoy the atmosphere of a nice cafe, then you will love Seattle. There is a plentitude of local chains as well as mom-and-pop shops to choose from, so you’ll never run out of new places to try.

Whether you are a purist that only drinks black coffee or a Frappuccino fanatic, there are shops that cater to every taste.

For those who are fans of the famous Starbucks brand, why not visit the first store near the waterfront? Be warned; the line starts early, so plan to show up first thing if you don’t want to be stuck waiting!

Getting Around the City

Seattle is home to some very unique modes of transportation. Perhaps the most famous is the iconic ferries. If you’re planning a quick day trip, a ferry ride is an excellent way to take in the beautiful Pacific Northwest scenery. You may even get lucky and spot an orca!

Unfortunately, the rest of Seattle’s transportation is not always as enjoyable.

With many rail station stops still under construction, it helps to think ahead when traveling in Seattle! It is highly recommended to use a rideshare or a shuttle sprinter, especially if you’re traveling in a larger group.