A What-and-Which Guide to THC Vape Juice

Even though vaping got famous over a decade earlier, thanks to its transitional quality and value, THC vape juices have drastically matched the pace since their introduction just a couple of years ago. But it’s not a result of aggressive marketing policies. In this article, we’re going to take a detailed overview of THC vape juice , starting off with the best in the market.

THC E-Juice: The Top 10

Bloom Farms by Pax Era

Famous for being the producer of featherlight and vaper-friendly pods since 2007, Pax Era partners with organic growers and juice/oil manufacturers for their premium products and Bloom Farms is nothing exceptional. This top-shelf concentrate producer offers 17 different strains with 50-80% THC, which are made from clean CO2 extraction.

Berry White

A hybrid drawn from the classic Blueberry and White Widow, Berry White boasts legitimacy through its even and balanced experience of relaxation and euphoria. This Indica type strain is extracted through the sub-critical CO2 extraction process and has a THC level of 72.10%.

Black Cherry by DOPE

Made from supercritical CO2 extraction, DOPE’s Black Cherry blends pharmaceutical grade VG and PG to the core extract to produce its premium experience. Usable with any vape batteries with a 510 screw thread, every 1 ml of this 0.8ml cartridge contains 1000mg of THC, easily making it one of the most potent juices of its kind.


The name “Rove” includes all of its THC juices instead of a certain flavor since they share the basic formation. The new and improved cartridges use CCELL technology, which makes their extremely thick CO2 extracts easier to vape. While they don’t contain any distillate oil, Rove’s THC juices still manage to be among the best tasting in the business.

Elite by Select

Elite’s basic THC concentrate of 75-95% purity is acquired through a mix of highly-refined distillation techniques, which are then combined with strain-specific terpenes. The result is a product with effective psychoactive stimulations, complemented by equally distinctive flavor. The ceramic core ensures better temperature distribution while the organic cotton wick preserves flavor. A vaper can always start with a low-level Elite juice, like 20% THC, if 95% is too high for them.

Bloom Vape Pen

Bloom’s THC cartridges are defined by three Cs: Clean, Crisp and Clear. The combination is just a mixture of cannabis oil and terpenes, which is passed through a triple distillation process to eliminate any solvent, wax, impurity, lipid, pigment and filler. This elimination process makes the strain-specific terpenes really shine through.

Pure Vape

One of the most potent THC vape juices on the market, Pure’s cleanliness is easily verifiable since each product comes with their specific lab tests. Pure’s cartridges contain up to 85% THC and due to the high potency, they’re also highly sustainable. Plus, the prices are also quite affordable.

Grape Stomper by Absolute Xtracts

The sativa-dominant effect inducing Grape Stomper is a hybrid drawn from Purple Elephant and Chemdawg Sour Diesel. While the effect mostly manifests in the head, the slight tingly bodily sensation is also noticeable. For the primary effect, it’s especially preferred by people seeking pain relief. Like all ABX products, Grape Stomper uses 100% pure cannabis oil.

Heavy Hitters

Heavy Hitters’ 2.2 grams prefilled cartridge is the biggest of its kind on the market. While its size does explain customer preference, its longevity due to its high THC content is also a contributing factor. In addition, it’s also a very cost-effective vape juice. Heavy Hitters’ strength ranges between normal and high.

Gio by G Pen

The Gio pods are especially designed for THC and CBD vape juices and usable only with G Pen devices. The 80% THC concentrate comes in three flavors: Cali OG, Classic Jack and Day Dream. Vapers can switch between these based on the mood they wish to induce.

THC Vape Juice: The Definition

THC stands for Tetrahydrocannabinol and it’s the main psychoactive agent of cannabis. The basic THC vape juice is derived from fresh cannabis flowers and is comprised of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. These elements are extracted from the flower by either alcohol or CO2 extraction methods. Either way, the resultant “juice” is so potent and highly concentrated that it can be smoked using a regular vaporizer.

The THC acquired like this is about 80-90% pure whereas the traditional dried cannabis can deliver up to just 20% THC. So naturally, you get bigger hits from smaller draws.

The Legality of THC Vape Juice

So the question arises: Are THC juices legal? The answer is either yes, no or somewhere in between. It depends entirely on your personal demographic position.

You can legally buy THC juices from any local dispensary if marijuana usage is legal in the state you live in. However, if vaping is legal only for medicinal purposes then you’ll need a medical certificate to verify your purchase. Unfortunately, if the state you live in totally prohibits any kind of marijuana usage then you’re completely out of THC juice luck.

THC Vape Juice: The DIY Way

If you have experience in handling cannabis products and prefer personal control over manufacturer’s reliability, you might want to make THC juices at home. However, don’t try this if you don’t have any kitchen skills or just don’t do well with fire. In that case, better to consult with someone who does. To make THC juices at home, you’ll need:

– Fresh cannabis flower: 6 grams
– Grain alcohol (High-proof. Isopropyl alcohol won’t work)
– Dropper bottle
– 5-ml dropper
– Propylene Glycol (PG)
– Baking sheet
– Cheesecloth
– Aluminium Foil
– Pot and oven
– Mason jars: 2 (wide mouth)

Step 1: Heat the oven in about 250 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 minutes. Grind the flowers, spread them over an aluminium-foil lined baking sheet and put it in the oven. Stir it occasionally and take out once the flowers become caramel brown. This is how you decarboxylate cannabis flower.

Step 2: Grind it again in a food processor to enhance extraction and put it in an open-mouthed mason jar. Now, completely submerge the herb with grain alcohol.

Step 3: Put about 3 inches of water in the pot and add the uncovered jar. Next, put the pot on medium heat. Once the water starts to boil, reduce heat. The alcohol would start evaporating now and in time, the liquid level will drop and the herbs will start sticking out of the surface. At this stage, the remaining alcohol is absorbing all cannabinoids including THC. Once the liquid becomes caramel-brown, take the jar off the pot and add more alcohol to match the original level. Continue with evaporation until the liquid becomes dark-brown or golden.

Step 4: Use the cheesecloth as a strainer and pour the liquid into the other mason jar. Once the primary jar is empty of liquid and herb, gently squeeze the cloth to filter out the remaining liquid.

Step 5: Put fresh water into the pot and add the second mason jar. Now, begin evaporation like before and continue until only 5ml liquid is left (use the dropper to measure).

Step 6: Add 20ml PG to the 5ml cannabinoid concentrate and stir/shake well to combine. Put the mixture in the dropper bottle and enjoy at your pleasure.

Side-Effects of THC: How It Affects the Body

For their very nature, liquid THC is more potent than any regular marijuana consumed through smoking. A basic DIY juice usually contains 50-90% THC concentrate, which can be extremely potent for beginners or people who aren’t very experienced at vaping. High THC levels have a history of inducing hallucination and severe panic attacks. While cannabis toxicity is pretty much non-existent, the spontaneous psychedelic effects can be quite unnerving, especially if they weren’t expected.

Know what you’re buying before buying, vape responsibly and you’ll the experience the euphoria you’re going for.