Aaron Rodgers calls Greg Kelly and Keith Olbermann ‘BUMS’ after right-wing talk show host said Jets QB tore his Achilles due to ayahuasca use and liberal critic pointed to COVID-19 vaccine: ‘Get your fifth booster, Keith’

  • Rodgers was interviewed for the first time since tearing his Achilles on Monday
  • He told ESPN’s Pat McAfee that both Keith Olbermann and Greg Kelly are ‘bums’ 
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Aaron Rodgers’ torn Achilles wasn’t caused by his refusal to get vaccinated or his experimentation with ayahuasca, and according to the injured New York Jets quarterback, anyone who believes such nonsense is a ‘bum.’

In his first interview since suffering a season-ending injury just four plays into his Jets career, Rodgers discussed his critics in the media, conservative Gregg Kelly and liberal Keith Olberman, with Pat McAfee on ESPN.

Kelly, the son of former New York City Police commissioner Ray Kelly, floated the theory earlier this week that Rodgers’ injury was the result of drug use and a lack of Christian faith on the part of the quarterback.

Meanwhile, Olbermann playfully blamed Rodgers’ well-publicized refusal to get the COVID-19 vaccine for the injury.

On Friday, during a satellite interview with McAfee, Rodgers described both men as ‘bums.’

Rodgers He told ESPN’s Pat McAfee (left) that both Keith Olbermann and Greg Kelly are ‘bums’

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