Abandoned Fukushima: Images show town amid row over tainted soil

The trial will start in the city of Nihonmatsu next month – despite fierce protests from residents. 

Tainted soil will be packed out 20 ins or more under a 600ft stretch of road in the city before being covered with clean soil and asphalt. The soil has been sitting in packed in black plastic bags in temporary storage ahead of the trial.

The row comes as a haunting collection of pictures emerged showing abandoned buildings in the area.

They were captured by London-based entrepreneur James Galbraith, 25, when he visited the area.

He said: ‘The photos were taken in Fukushima, Japan, in the areas evacuated in 2011 due to radiation.

‘I like exploring places where not many people can visit, places that are off limits, difficult to access, and largely forgotten about.’

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