Abusive wife who tried to stab husband will be free in a year

Tracey Hannington, pictured at her wedding to husband Tony, has been jailed for a horrific campaign of violence against him

A controlling, jealous wife has been jailed for two years for a terrifying campaign of violence and domestic abuse against her husband.

Tracey Hannington began by shouting at her husband Tony for being ‘lazy’ and turned nasty over his occasional visits to their local pub in Herne Bay, Kent.

But her anger later turned violent and she would attack him with household implements and had to be dragged off him by neighbours.

She was charged after the attacks became potentially deadly, with Hannington swinging a claw-hammer and carving knives at her husband, who refused to retaliate.

Hannington, 56, wept in the dock as she was jailed for causing actual bodily harm and controlling and coercive behaviour. She will serve one year behind bars and another year out on licence.

Canterbury Crown Court heard the couple met on a dating website and married six months later in 2013.

But for four years after their wedding, Hannington’s behaviour became increasingly cruel as the violence she meted out to the lorry driver escalated.

After his wife was jailed, Mr Hannington told how the beatings almost led him to suicide

After his wife was jailed, Mr Hannington told how the beatings almost led him to suicide

A year into the marriage, she was heard punching her husband by neighbours, who rushed over to separate the couple.

Hannington would also straddle Tony, striking his head, arms and body, and throw water over his bed to deprive him of sleep.

She would smash her husband’s possessions and pin him up against the wall, digging her nails into his neck.

On another occasion, she smashed him over the head with a tin of beans. 

Prosecutor Bridget Todd added: ‘He didn’t want to retaliate, he’d let her calm down on her own.’

Hannington later moved on to using weapons, swinging a claw-hammer at her husband – who raised his hands to protect himself and waited for the blows to stop.

On one occasion she raised a carving knife to his throat and, on another, brandished a different blade at him, digging it into his neck.

Her frequent attacks included swinging a hoover head into Tony’s face, hurling tea cups and their contents and smashing bottles of his aftershave.

Hannington wept in the dock of Canterbury Crown Court (pictured) as she was jailed

Hannington wept in the dock of Canterbury Crown Court (pictured) as she was jailed

The abuse came to a head in March this year, when Hannington lunged at her husband’s stomach with a knife. He was able to parry away the blade, but injured his hand.

After blocking her attack he ran to the bathroom and locked himself in. When he eventually emerged, Hannington told him she wanted to kill him.

Tony told the court that the pair’s five-year marriage was ‘a ceaseless campaign of hatred and abuse’.

The court was told of the impact on Mr Hannington. A statement said: ‘Before, he was happy going out but wouldn’t consider doing that now.

‘He is ground down where he’s contemplated taking his own life and convinced himself the only way out is to end his own life.’

Hannington’s lawyer Kerry Wait insisted she has ‘trust issues’ and has since sought medical help for her volatile behaviour – including taking anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medication.

Hannington ‘accepts the relationship is over’, but still hopes that it could be repaired, the court heard.

Judge Weekes said Hannington had been ‘manipulative and deceitful’ in her ‘cunning and devious abuse’.

He said: ‘It’s difficult to imagine a more sustained period of abuse. All domestic abuse adversely affects the victims for a good deal of their lives.

‘I have read with concern and sympathy the victim statement and I want you to listen again to what you have done to him.

‘He feels that he has suffered a ceaseless campaign of hatred and abuse. Put simply, you have ruined your husband’s life and made him suicidal.’

Hannington could be seen sobbing throughout the sentencing. She told her children she loved them while being led from the dock, having been jailed her for two years.

Speaking afterwards, victim Mr Hannington said: ‘I was shocked that she actually went to prison. It was quite emotional.

‘When you’re getting abuse all the time – especially when she said ‘do the world a favour, go find a corner and hang yourself’ – I thought ‘should I?’ just to get away from it all.

‘She had to be punished for what she did, but then sometimes I think maybe prison’s a bit harsh for someone who’s got anxiety and depression.

‘It feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders, but it’s still a bit raw at the moment.’

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