Adelaide electrician blasts boomer sparkies over low quality work after opening switchbox

Young sparky blows a fuse at ‘old timer boomer electricians’ after opening yet another mangled switchbox from decades ago: ‘I’m dealing with spaghetti right now’

  • Adelaide sparky ranted about boomer electricians
  • Lorry Johns showed ‘horrible’ switchbox with chaotic wires

A young electrician has let loose about what he thinks of the practices and workmanship of of older tradesman after opening up and discovering a switchbox with tangled wires everywhere.  

Adelaide sparkie Lorenzo ‘Lorry’ Johns slammed the workmanship of ‘old school boomer electricians’ in a furious rant – saying there was a stark difference between the quality of work done nowadays compared with previous decades. 

‘(Lorry) had to share his opinion on old school boomer electricians and how they use to do the wiring on the switchboard panels,’ the company Deionno Electrical captioned the TikTok. 

‘We try to be super neat and dress it all in well so we can actually close up the panels without an issue. Every switchboard we see wired up by the old timers are absolute trash.

‘New young gun sparkies are the future!’ 

The electrician showed the messy wires in the switchbox, saying all older generation sparkies left their work like a ‘dog’s breakfast’ 

The video starts with the Adelaide apprentice standing in front of an open switchboard box on the side of a property before turning to the camera and warning he was about to ‘say something controversial’. 

‘All the previous old sparkies right? They’re doing s**t like this – have a look at the back of this (electrical) board right, this is s**t right?’

Mr Johns said older electricians needed to ‘get a grip’ and blasted the work as ‘horrible’.

He went on to explain every switchboard the company was called out to look at was the same.

‘Just a dog’s breakfast behind the board. And then I have to come here and make it all neat and s**t,’ he said.

In the video, his coworker and boss Joe Deionno joked about the nickname ‘boomers’ for the older generation, hinting their work as sparkies was low-quality.

‘And then half of it is dodgy electrical, like you c**** need to get a grip, hey?’ Mr Johns quipped back. 

‘Must’ve got (sic) your electrical licence from the back of a cereal box honestly’, the apprentice joked.

As he continued to rant, a ‘swear counter’ edited into the video continued to climb, showing Mr Johns racked up a whopping 31 expletives in two minutes.  

‘I’m dealing with spaghetti right now because all you old c***s just didn’t give a f*** back then,’ he said.

Lorenzo 'Lorry' Johns (pictured) went on a rant in the video about how boomer electricians needed to 'get a grip'

Lorenzo ‘Lorry’ Johns (pictured) went on a rant in the video about how boomer electricians needed to ‘get a grip’

The owner then interjected to say that ‘my Gen Z apprentice is better than all you boomer cowboy sparkies.’

‘He eats avocado on toast and drinks his espressos and can still wire a switchboard better than you boomers’, Mr Deionno added..

The video then showed Mr Johns standing in front of a tidied switchboard, with the wires held together by tape. 

‘This is what your switchboard should look like’, he said.

‘Got a nice loop in here, push all the cables back and in here – nice and neat.

‘So instead of just drilling in the back of the switchboard and just ramming the c****s in there so you can’t even open it – that is what it probably should look like.’

Finishing his rant, the apprentice turned and flashes a cheeky smile and a thumbs up to the camera.

Viewers online found the rant hilarious, with the majority agreeing with what Mr Johns was saying.

‘He’s not wrong saying the end result of his work I’ve never seen a fuse box look that good’ one wrote. 

‘Gotta admit, every young tradie who comes to my place ends up fixing really slack work from the past 20-30 years’, another commented.

‘Love the passion for the job. Brilliant take. Would hire that young fella any day’, one viewer shared.