Adelaide mum Renee was fuming when her neighbour complained about her young son playing soccer in the backyard – but not everyone is on her side

An Aussie mum has divided the internet after revealing how a neighbour complained about a backyard soccer match she played with her five-year-old son.

In a video posted on TikTok last week, Adelaide mother Renèe Barendregt said she was playing with her son when the neighbour left her ‘shaking and fuming’.

‘I was playing ball with my son, my five-year-old son, and we were kicking it in the goals and, god forbid, he hit the fence a few times,’ she said in the video.

Ms Barendregt said the neighbour was concerned that the sound of the ball hitting their shared fence was scaring her animals.

‘I said, take your animals inside… I’m playing with my five-year-old son with a ball that is accidentally hitting your fence that is actually my fence too,’ she explained.

Ms Barendregt said her neighbour responded: ‘How about you teach your children some respect?’

‘I said, “Yeah… my five-year-old’s really trying to to be malicious by kicking the ball in the goal and then accidentally hitting your fence,”‘ she told her followers.

Renèe Barendregt (pictured) divided the internet with her TikTok video recounting a neighbour’s complaint about her son’s backyard soccer game

Many replies suggested simply moving the net away from the fence would solve the problem

Many replies suggested simply moving the net away from the fence would solve the problem

Ms Barendregt said the neighbour threatened to start recording when she replied: ‘Go ahead, who are you gonna show, the police? Pretty sure they have bigger fish to fry.

‘But I will not stop playing ball with my son, and my son will not stop kicking the ball and if it accidentally hits your fence, get over it.’

Her video concluded with Ms Barendregt angrily kicking the ball against the fence. 

‘Here is one f***ing more,’ she said.

Responses to Ms Barendregt’s video were mixed, with many in agreement with her disgruntled neighbour.

‘I’m with your neighbour on this one. Take your kids to the park,’ one said.

Many replies suggested simply moving the net away from the fence.

‘Why would you put the goal right up against the fence? one person asked. 

‘You both share the fence so I think it’s just polite to stop kicking the ball into it when you could just move the net?

‘You don’t know what’s happening on the other side just because it’s not affecting you.’

One reply assumed the neighbours were elderly, asking: ‘Why are old neighbours so salty?’ 

Ms Barendregt’s point of view did not receive much support, but some TikTok users did sympathise with her.

‘A family should be entitled to play in their own damn yard! Cannot believe there is even a question here!’ one person wrote.

‘A simple knock on your door and politely asking you to move the goal could’ve changed the whole situation,’ another said.

‘The way you kicked the ball at the end had me in stitches. From one gal with terrible neighbours to another, I give you strength,’ a third wrote.