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Everyone knows that sunlight, water, air are man’s best friends. The twentieth century brought with it ultrasound, laser, portable devices. Modern physiotherapy intensively masters the magnetic field, low-energy laser radiation, invents innovative equipment and treatment methods.

A physical therapist at Advanced Medical Care Clinic deals with exercise therapy, manual therapy, acupuncture – they are rehabilitation measures based on external influences on a person.

Physiotherapy also involves treatment with natural factors and the determination of the optimal way of influencing artificial factors (for example, hydrotherapy or laser) on body tissues.

A Brooklyn physical therapist treats:

  • Nervous system pathologies.
  • Diseases of the spinal column and joints.
  • Sinusitis, rhinitis, laryngopharyngitis.
  • Diseases of the upper and lower respiratory tract.
  • Gastritis, colitis, duodenitis.
  • Diseases of the skin.
  • Pathology of the genitourinary sphere.

The profession of a physical therapist in Brooklyn does not imply an independent diagnosis, however, only a physiotherapist can professionally determine whether physiotherapy is to be performed or is contraindicated, and the frequency of necessary procedures.

Therefore, the physiotherapist works in the closest contact with representatives of these specialties, as well as with neurologists, pediatricians, surgeons, dermatologists, pulmonologists, gynecologists, and doctors of other specialties.

The level of cardiology care in Brooklyn

Currently, diseases of the cardiovascular system occupy a leading position among pathologies leading to death. That is why it is so important to find the right specialists in this area of medicine. Advanced Medical Care LLC in New York provides cardiology care in Brooklyn at the highest level.

Cardiologists – are doctors specializing in the study of the work of the heart and blood vessels, engaged in the prevention and treatment of heart diseases, such as myocardial infarction, stroke, coronary heart disease, myocarditis, endocarditis, heart defects, and many others.

During the work process, cardiologists use ultrasound machines, heart rate monitors, 24-hour blood pressure monitors, holters, cardiographs, and other devices that speed up and simplify diagnostics and patient monitoring.

All cardiologists of the Advanced Medical Care clinic:

  • have a higher medical education, as well as a certificate in cardiology;
  • know how to conduct functional diagnostics (echocardiography, ultrasound) and decipher the results;
  • know the basics and principles of treatment of cardiac patients with exercise therapy;
  • know the methods of preventive treatment and rehabilitation of patients.

Doctors at this clinic diagnose, prevent, and treat diseases in such areas – cardiology, neurology, sleep medicine, physiotherapy etc. Thanks to the preliminary appointment and efficient work of administrators, the work goes without queues and delays.

The principle is “Do no harm, but care” and the goal is to have as many healthy patients as possible who are satisfied with the services.