AFL’s new Tasmania team revealed in VERY predictable outcome for fans

  • AFL’s Tasmania team will be called the Devils 
  • Comes after mass popularity among fans 
  • But some said the new name is entirely predictable 

Tasmania’s AFL team will be named the Devils, according to a new report from News Corp.

The AFL’s newest franchise will officially be launched on March 18, with the name, logo and colours revealed across multiple locations in Tasmania.

The league, according to the report, has made strong progress with Warner Bros over an agreement to use the ‘Devils’ name, with the American giant holding the corporate copyright.

Multiple surveys have shown that ‘Tasmania Devils’ was overwhelmingly the most popular team name option among Tassie fans.

Tasmania’s new AFL team will be called the Tasmania Devils, according to reports

The team's new name will be unveiled later this month,

The team’s new name will be unveiled later this month,

No other name has truly posed a challenge to the Devils, the runaway leader, although the Swifts (inspired by the Swift Parrot) and the Penguins were in contention.  

And footy fans have taken to X – formerly known as Twitter – to share their thoughts on the team name. 

‘Now there’s a shock…’ said one fan, while a disappointed fan said: ‘Yuck’ to the team name. 

‘Tassie Thunder sounds better,’ another supporter suggested. ‘Devils too cliched.’

A fifth fan quipped: ‘Is the song the looney toons song?’