After Re-Defining Mexican Retail Data Services, Storecheck now enters the USA & Canadian Markets

Companies, Retailers and Distributors can really benefit from their over 16 years of experience in Retail Automation and Data Segments.

One Platform, One Retail Management Solution. Storecheck’s AI-driven solutions ensure their customer’s products perform optimally at retail. They are experts and leaders in retail execution, ensuring technology works seamlessly, bridging the engagement between the field and the office to generate highly valuable and actionable information to ensure instant and accurate decision making. Their solution is fully customisable catering to each customer’s needs. This includes the entire retail execution plan from a central location, connecting and engaging all company stakeholders.

Working in their mission to create technologies and services that help retailers and brands improve the shopper’s experience through flawless retail execution, these solutions have evolved over their 16 years of experienced team in Data Sciences. The champion on not only collecting retail data, but translating it into dashboards and generating actionable steps for teams to take for preventing loss in sales.

Some of their novel solutions that USA and Canadian companies can benefit from are:


It’s the centre of all data, a confidential database that contains large amounts of retail data such as sell-in, sell-out, forecast, external stock data, POS execution, market research, etc. Combined under a process of integration, cleaning and harmonization. The data is then transformed into powerful KPIs, useful and easily accessible by all the users involved in the commercial management of your company.

Hub used Artificial Intelligence power-optimized algorithms with machine learning which detects & assigns opportunities at the POS. This substantially improves the availability at the point of sales by generating monetized tasks for the Key Account Managers, Customer Planning & Forecasting Reps and Field Reps.

Benefits: It reduces the entire supply chain, planning, forecasting, budgeting and implementing time from weeks to days and hours, converting this reactive process into a proactive one.


They have championed the art of image recognition. Vision helps companies to supervise the POS execution more effectively. Field reps receive a detailed list of actions to be performed during the visit, ensuring adherence to the ‘Perfect Store’ design. A picture is worth a thousand words, and a picture that can be meta-tagged and translated into usable data, is precious in managing retail assets and promotions.

Benefit: Ensuring proper compliance and execution of promotions, displays and activations, reduces wastages and loss of sales. A better execution of retail activities always results in 5 to 10% of sales increase.


Gathering all data, generating dashboards are all great, but what about actions? Storecheck Autopilot loops this in. It alerts and automatically pushes POS objectives, ultimately helping the field rep define the most optimal routes and work plans, based on amount, size and quality of the opportunities.

POS objectives are defined by the organization at setup and then Autopilot gets to work. It contains specific information needed by the field rep to optimize negotiations with the Store, promoting availability as well as ensuring compliance with previously agreed actions. Frankly, it is like a supervisor that is working with every Field Rep and promoter to ensure success.

Benefits: This solves the missing link of actions generated from data learnings. It does it seamlessly, allocating jobs all around the key stakeholders and monitors the progress. It connects with Hub to get intelligent insights for this too. It is recommended that the Hub and Autopilot work together.

All their solutions complement each other and are customizable for each organisation. These include:

  • Field: Track, monitor, analyze and manage your Field Force and their activities
  • Workplan: Optimizing Route Management effectiveness for your Field teams
  • Assets: Real time monitoring of Sales Promotion activities & POP Activities
  • Tickets: Incident management at the POS
  • Academy: Training and Certification of the Field Reps and Promoters
  • Clicks: Deep data driven insights about your eCommerce platforms
  • Bricks: Deep data driven insights from your POS

Storecheck has a very healthy resume, has worked with over 90 brands, has 18,000 active users and our clients are Unilever, Walmart, Samsung, Pfizer, Coca Cola, Mead Johson, Revlon, Pernod Ricard, Bonafont and Reckitt Benckiser.

Merger of retail automation and data sciences is needed to the hour, Storecheck has cracked it and their customers have greatly benefited from their insights and predicted actions, recovering loss sales by 5 to 10% annually. With this payback, every organization should be happy to invest in this technology.