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AGL customer says power bills are false due to wrong meter readings: Bryn Lawson

Furious AGL customer EXPLODES at his power company for overcharging him revealing his $1200 bills cost him his marriage and forced him to use an esky instead of a fridge – now he’s threatening to cut electricity to his home for good

  • Bryn Lawson, 55, regularly receives power bills over $1,200 despite living alone
  • He said the bills are due to his power company, AGL, misreading his power meter
  • Mr Lawson has replaced his fridge with a camping fridge and doesn’t use heating
  • The bills have left him ‘broken and are part of the ‘decimation’ of his marriage

A frustrated customer of one of Australia’s largest energy providers has threatened to cut the power to his home off for good after being stung with sky-high meter readings he says are false.

Sydneysider Bryn Lawson, 55, is drawing a line in the sand with electricity giant, AGL, as bills regularly soar over $1,200 a quarter, despite the fact he lives alone.

He even says the ‘overcharging’ s even cost him his 35-year marriage because the couple used to blame each other about which of them was responsible. 

‘Fix it AGL. Get your s**t together and fix it, mate… Stop f**king me around,’ he told A Current Affair.  

‘It was a part of the decimation of our marriage because I’d come home and the lights would be on the power would be on and the power bills were high.’

Bryn Lawson (above) said he’s ready to cut all power to his house after consistently receiving overpriced bills from his Sydney power provider, AGL

‘I’d be saying “what are the lights on for what’s this on for, why is the heater on”.’

But after his wife walked out on him the chargers were just as high. 

Mr Lawson has taken extreme measures to counteract the hefty bills.

He replaced his kitchen fridge with a camping esky and has refused to turn on the heater in all winter, despite near freezing temperatures.

But he still faces massive bills each quarter. 

Mr Lawson is responsible for checking his own power meter as his power box is not accessible from the road.

However, Mr Lawson said the meter figure he confirms with AGL is never the number that appears on his bill.

He said AGL responds to his complaints with credits to make up the difference from his bill and the actual amount of power he uses but then the same mistake is made the next time round.

Mr Lawson has replaced his kitchen fridge with a small camping esky (above) in an effort to keep his power bills down

Mr Lawson has replaced his kitchen fridge with a small camping esky (above) in an effort to keep his power bills down

Now Mr Lawson has nothing left to give and said he is tired of ‘shivering’ every night and suffering from the paranoia of his upcoming bills.

He says he’s had enough and is threatening to cut off the power altogether. 

‘It’s humiliating when I think about what they’ve made me do. It’s not the appliances, it’s AGL,’ he said.

‘I have no problem at all putting my swag out there, putting my solar panels, my battery and running that fridge out there and living out there,’ he said. 

AGL told A Current Affair they apologise for Mr Lawson’s experience and are committed to fixing his concerns.