AirVote Service How to Find Out Customer Opinion and Improve Business Reputation

For a business that works with people, the most important factor in developing and building a reputation is customer feedback. The opinions and comments create an overall impression which is vital for any business. Timely reacting to customer feedback gains customer trust – the most important factor for successful business..

The question is how to effectively collect reviews? Ideally, visitors would leave them by their own choice, write truthfully and clearly. Honest feedback, whereas good, needs to be delivered in a way so as not to harm the reputation.

AirVote service has been developed to address this specific challenge.  It is the topic of the below article.

What is AirVote and how it works.

The principle of the service is simple – QR codes are placed in retail floors, on venues, in restrooms, on tables or at other significant points where the feedback is to be gathered. QR codes are embedded into colorful smileys indicating the rating: “happy”, “so-so” or “sad”. A visitor scans with a smartphone a smiley corresponding to the rating or answer to the question. The owner instantly receives customer reviews.

For example, the question “How long do you stand in line?” can be posted at the front desk with three QR codes embedded in the corresponding smileys. Visitors scan the smiley which reflects their experience at the moment.  No further action is required – scanning itself is already the answer that is anonymously sent to the system.

Optionally there is a place for the customer to leave a comment and provide specific feedback – if the client has comments and suggestions, they can write them and immediately send, anonymously and without any registration.

Advantages of the system

You do not force the client to go through tedious polls, ask for a suggestion box, search for review links, press any buttons – the scan itself is already a response.. The QR code does not work as a link to a page with reviews, but as a ready-made virtual button, the scanning of which is equal to pressing and voting.  This is how reviews are collected.

The process takes seconds, it is easy and accessible for any smartphone owner. This approach encourages customers to give feedback, the owner receives a lot of data and can draw conclusions about the business services, products, or operations.

The anonymity of the service guarantees an honest feedback of customers and visitors.

In the realities of 2020, the service is especially relevant as safe and hygienic – it does not require physical contact.

AirVote is a way to look at your business through the eyes of a client.

It is impossible to completely avoid flaws, especially in the service sector. You cannot please every visitor, but you can collect data to improve performance. Some service flaws are only apparent to the customers whereas the staff or the business owner might be simply unaware of the problem..

Simplicity and anonymity help to get a comment even on the smallest flaws. For example, a person will not register on the site or go to a page on a social network, to report that chewing gum is stuck under the table or the restroom ran out of paper towels. Most people will not be comfortable bringing this up to an employee. But AirVote makes a world of difference. The business owner is immediately alerted about the problem areas and gets a chance to quickly resolve the issue.

Work with a business reputation

Only a small percentage of customers leave reviews on websites and social networks. What do we usually see in customer reviews of a company? A satisfied client rarely takes time to write a review, unless you have totally won their heart. Often, businesses have to buy positive feedback through discounts or perks in order to improve their social image.

However, a larger share of less-than-happy customers would in fact take time and effort to write negative feedback. Such reviews remain in social networks for many years, and continue to harm the reputation of the business. AirVote solves it by channeling the critical feedback within the company, delivered directly to the person in charge. Errors are quickly fixed and negative reviews will not appear in social networks.

But that is not all. In addition to minimizing negative opinions in the social networks, AirVote works to increase the number of positive customer reviews. Here is how it works: if the client is satisfied and scans a QR code with approval, they are additionally offered a direct link to write a review in social networks. If the client has chosen a negative option, they are only offered to submit an anonymous internal comment.

This solves the challenge of how to ask to write a review. Mailing and asking directly is not always effective, sometimes impossible, and often appears intrusive. Requests to leave feedback in return for discounts and bonuses is common, but more costly and complicated compared to the practical, affordable and fast AirVote. Moreover, you always know that a happy customer will always be offered a link to the external review site, thus minimizing the risk of bad reviews appearing in public.

Implemented service itself makes a customer impression, even without voting. Customers notice QR codes and see that the business cares to hear them, that their opinion is important, that the company is open to criticism. This commends trust, creates a positive business image, and increases brand loyalty.

Why companies need this service

Minor flaws can turn into serious problems if they are not addressed in a timely manner. Certain details are sometimes not even noticed by business owners, but they form the opinion of customers. Quick feedback is the way to improve service and minimize negative feedback in the public realm.

The service was created primarily for businesses which directly work with customers: transportation, public catering, hospitality, recreation centers, shops, healthcare facilities, mail orders, etc. The system will work well in government structures – an anonymous customer opinion on the work of a government agency will help improve their services.

Problems Which AirVote Solves

The service helps receive instant feedback from customers – due to its simplicity.  The feedback is extremely honest due to anonymity. As a result, it helps business owner to:

  • avoid the spread of negative reviews in the public channels;
  • solve the issue of how to get feedback from customers;
  • quickly fix service problems and get improvement suggestions;
  • reinforce the positive aspects, shine the light into the little things for which visitors value the company and maintain attention to small service details;
  • have honest and objective and high volume data;
  • increase customer loyalty.

Setup of AirVote is extremely simple not only for customers, but also for company owners. Simply register via the website, claim your business, and get started. For any month with less that 50 votes – use of the service is free! Register with AirVote and start improving your business.