Al Barari: Settling Dreams Come True Here

Touring greenery rich Al Barari serves two purposes definitely. Number one, fascinating areas satisfy aesthetic necessities. Number two, it presents a fantastic location. It transforms a brick and mortar structure into a dream home. Hence, the second goal emerges more important.

Peace of mind and relief fills in one one’s soul as soon as a person enters this earthly paradise. This, otherwise, appears at a light year away from daily routine. The Desert Oasis development too is distinguished. It is an exact materialization of designers’ carefully and painstakingly put together plans. Al Barari precisely symbolizes ‘wilderness’. The Al Barari development is beyond compare. Matchlessness characteristics are:

  1. Nature-friendly practices
  2. Nature inspired landscaped lakes
  3. Streams carrying freshwater
  4. Cascading waterways
  5. Captivating views characterize matchlessness

Residing in this nature-appreciating neighbourhood brings valued blessings, including award-wining facilities. Some fine examples are:

  1. A restaurant serving delectable edibles
  2. The Farm
  3. A destination spa
  4. A health club
  5. Deluxe homes availability

Lifestyle Transforming Homes

The design and development of this residential area are distinctively noticeable. Plentiful greenery and matchless details form the notice-ability. Besides, it indicates the driving force. It is the uncompromising passion. Properties feature a variety in designs and areas. Every choice exemplifies sustainability, superior quality, and a blend of luxury. Innovation and floral inspiration scents the lavish villas range, the Residences. The Seventh Heaven borrows a skyline from its splendid apartments. Ashjar proffers low-density choices. The Reserve speciality is customized houses. The Nest provides contemporary villas. These manifestations excel in serve housing needs. The pursuit of the key to lead a cheerful and luxury life completes at Al Barari successfully.

Al Barari Villa Prides in the Breathtaking 47,000 Square Feet Plot

Acacia, a part of The Residences, holds you spellbound. Spell binding factors are many. Six bedrooms lead the spell binding. Enormity and customization are swimming pool hallmarks. Three kitchens add glitter to gold. Garage features are fully automation and six-car parking facility. Privacy is one priority here. The feature list enumerates:

  1. Distinctive position
  2. Excellent layout
  3. Area

These restrain unwelcome access and notice-ability by visitors, strangers, etc. These features bear relaxation and comfort.

Designer Heaven in the Middle of Al Barari

Bromelia, The Residences, presents an elegance tipped fascinating housing opportunity. i.e., a 5-bedroom villa, to live life with loved ones in a loving manner. Firstly, it is fully furnished. Secondly, the villa befits the contemporary definition. Thirdly, the garden features landscaping. Its 1,300 square feet area beautifies garden. Regarding swimming pool, Bromelia presents:

  1. Fibre optic illumination
  2. Glass walls
  3. An adjoining sunken pool bar area

It is the fourth feature. Then, the corner gives two views, i.e., of the wonderful lake, and themed garden. Next, it is lavish floor plan. Consequently, entering and leaving shed inconvenience, even for families. Modern lifestyle gets support. After this, parents find master bedroom serving modern parenthood needs.

It is easing and simplifying their life. Numerous benefits and conveniences do it. The living area is the eighth feature here. Convenience grows further. Ninthly, two walk-in wardrobes ease life further. An outdoor shower and a Jacuzzi are tenth and eleventh features respectively. Games room makes indoor living fun, the twelfth feature. Private cinema puts entertainment at Bromelia occupants’ disposal, and much more.

Dahlia Villa Features 6 Bedrooms and 20,000 Square Feet Plot

Dahlia is another part of The Residences. It fascinates and facilitates occupants with six bedrooms feature. Ten bathrooms comprise the next convenience. Twenty thousand square feet plot provides sufficient playing opportunities. Garden here benefits lifestyle with its Majilis, another pride of the property. For communities, Majilis feature is a temptation, an irresistible temptation. A private swimming pool gifts entertainment and health bettering opportunities. The rooftop entertainment section promotes entertainment possibilities further. Spending time becomes memorable in the lounge. Taking food becomes fun, convenience, and pleasant with the dining room. The garage quarters three cars. The parking space expands further. Garage roof provides this expansion. It allows parking more four cars. Consequently, parking solves Dahlia guests from parking concerns.

The Nest

Al Barari names its recent and brilliant housing solution The Nest. Inspiration is its hallmark. This superb Al Barari extension features 55 magnificent villas.  The Nest Villas are beautifully and carefully designed. Each villa has four-bedrooms. These craft a heavenly solution for specific landlords and occupants. Simply, who believe and look for a contemporary lifestyle in a luxury manner. Good viewing is another all 55 villas attribute. Architecture exudes with inspiration. Nature friendliness stamps environment. This assists calmness and relaxation in benefitting body and soul. Living becomes a rejuvenating experience. Private pools, landscaped gardens, and outdoor areas for barbeque feature all 55 properties. Windows spanning from floors to ceiling provide maximum daylight. It delivers efficient ventilation. It fosters roominess too. The contemporary sophistication promotes the appeal further. Last but not the least, the Nest strengthens the Al Barari community togetherness.