Alcoholism Signs and Symptoms that Show you Need an Addiction Rehab Clinic for Help

Like any other addiction alcoholism can have a negative influence on your life if you do not make needed actions to stop it as soon as possible. As an alcohol addict you should know that ignoring alcohol signs can bring a number of risk factors  and consequences: from physical to psychological problems, serious illnesses, behavioral changes, etc..

There are many physical, mental and emotional signs that  can be a hint for having an alcohol addiction. If you feel that you have them, you should ask help for an alcohol rehab clinic. Here are some of them:

Unable to Control or Limit Alcohol Drink

Alcohol intolerance is very dangerous, as it gives you the feeling that you are not able to control your alcohol intake. The toxins in alcohol can cause a number of reactions and sometimes people cannot quit its overuse.

Even though it is difficult, quitting is not impossible especially with professional support. UKAT addiction rehab centers covers  alcohol, cocaine, crack cocaine, heroin, ecstasy, cannabis, benzodiazepines and opiate addictions and have strong experience and many addicts, who have successfully overcome their addiction, so once you need help you can get it.

Have a Strong Need to Drink all Day Long

Drinking too much is really dangerous, as it can bring many risks such as cancers of mouth, esophagus, throat, liver and breast. This is just one part of it. If a person has a desire to drink every day and cannot control drinking habits they can easily harm their immune system. That is why such people catch cold or other seasonal viruses easier than others.

Trying to Hide Drinking Habits 

If you are someone who feels ashamed or concerned about your drinking habits, it is an evident sign that you have an addiction and have a feeling of guilt. In some terms it can help you as you start realizing that you have a problem. So, if you have such a feeling it is high time to ask for support.

Have a Feeling of Loneliness and Depression

The feeling of loneliness and depression are linked when we speak about addiction, as both can cause alcoholism. This is normal, as you want to spend time with others, but you are not able because of your bad habits. With the help of  right guidance stress management is easily coping.

Behavioral Changes when there is No Alcohol

Lack of alcohol can cause social behavioral changes to addicts, such as aggression, self-disclosure or others. They can feel depressed and behave strangely, so this is a serious sign to make actions. Besides, such situations also bring depression as people are afraid of being judged for seeking alcohol or using it all the time.

Lack of Interest of Activities that your Once Liked

Leading a normal life is all about interesting activities, hobbies, favorite dishes, work, or other things that you enjoy doing. Addiction can change your life in a negative way so once you start to dislike or feel indifferent to anything around that you once liked. Losing your interest in things you enjoyed is a sign of depression which is a consequence of overusing alcohol. If you feel such a depressive disorder you should concentrate your efforts to come to your normal life.

Have Problems with Family, Friends or in a Workplace because of Alcohol Use

While a person has an addiction, they do not realize that keeping alcohol with them and drinking in every place can harm not only themselves, but others as well. Alcohol abuse will surely have a negative influence on all types of relationships and can result in lost productivity, increased absenteeism, workplace injuries, and additional healthcare and behavioral costs.


Addiction of course has many negative sights, however, recognising it on time and giving fast solutions will keep you away from a number of serious problems both physical and psychological. Fortutently addiction centers now have a great potential to motivate yourself to reach your final goal.

Quitting an addiction demands time and efforts, so you need to be ready for all possible obstacles. After successfully overcoming your addiction you can come to your normal life. Due to long-term support and strategies you can enjoy your full recovery.