Aldi revealed as UK’s cheapest supermarket – with typical shop costing 35% less than some rivals

Aldi revealed as UK’s cheapest supermarket for a food shop, costing 35% less than some of its rivals… but prices have still rocketed this year

  • Discount supermarket Aldi works out the cheapest option for a basket of goods
  • But shoppers will still pay £7.90 more in Aldi than they did last year

Aldi has been revealed as the cheapest supermarket, beating rivals on price by up to 35 per cent.

The German discount supermarket charged £46.78 for a basket of 33 common food and drink items, according to research by industry magazine The Grocer.

The next-cheapest supermarket was fellow discounter Lidl, which charged just over a pound more at £47.90.

Cost cutting: Aldi employs many techniques to keep its prices down, such as keeping staff numbers to a minimum and not employing workers to retrieve shopping trolleys 

Aldi’s low prices were 35 per cent cheaper for the same items than Waitrose, which charged the most (£72.72). 

Aldi had the cheapest prices on 29 of the 33 items being monitored, which include common staples such as milk, cheese, bread and eggs.

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Still, someone shopping for these 33 items at Aldi now would spend 16.9 per cent more than this time last year, or £7.90.

But while Aldi is the cheapest overall, it all depends on what you are buying.

For example, Domestos bleach is cheaper in Sainsbury’s, albeit by just 5p. 

Cheapest supermarkets in January 
Supermarket name  Cost of a basket of goods 
Aldi £46.78
Lidl  £47.90 
Tesco  £55.59 
Asda  £10.22 
Sainsbury’s  £58.21 
Morrisons  £60.22 
Waitrose  £72.72 
Source: The Grocer 

However, for many foodstuffs there is little price difference depending on where you shop.

For example, four pints of milk is £1.65 in all supermarkets bar Waitrose, where it costs £1.70.

A shopper buying 500g of own-brand beef mince would spend £3.19 or £3.20 in every supermarket except Waitrose, where it is £6.19.

The same is true for a 500g packet of wholewheat fusilli pasta, which costs 79p in Aldi and Lidl and 95p in all other supermarkets bar Waitrose.

Market share: A chart showing UK supermarket market share in the 12 weeks to 25 December

Market share: A chart showing UK supermarket market share in the 12 weeks to 25 December