All About Detox

As we intake chemicals, drugs, and toxins, our body becomes overloaded, resulting in the development of health conditions. Multiple detox diets and regimens suggest diminishing these toxins from the body. Thus, improving overall health and helps in losing weight.

What is Detox?

Detoxification is the process of clearing up the backlog of pollutants and toxins inside the body. It can be done through a cleansing diet, treatments, and nutritional supplements. Furthermore, other detox diets promote using herbs, vegetables, fruits to cleanse the colon and intestines.

Detoxification may include some of these approaches:

  • Fasting
  • Drinking fruit juices or smoothies
  • Using dietary supplements
  • Incorporating herbs in their meal
  • Colon cleansing through laxatives, enemas, or colon hydrotherapy

Benefits of Detoxification

Our body can naturally detoxify the toxins we intake. However, we feel that our excessive exposure to unhealthy foods and the polluted environment is taking a toll on our health.

Here are the benefits of engaging with healthy living and infusing detoxification to our lifestyle.

1. Aid in Weight Loss

One of the significant effects of detoxification is the boost of metabolism, which aids weight loss. There are fruit-based detox drinks in the market that can contribute to your weight loss. One of these is raspberries, which are rich in ketones, Vitamin B and C. Other than that, it is also good for the skin. Lemon can also shred your weight because of its pectin fiber that keeps you full for an extended period.

2. Enhances Digestion

Your digestive system improves through detox drinks because they serve as an excellent laxative agent. Mint is one of the best ingredients for an upset stomach and boosts the digestion process.

3. Improves Liver Function

Drinking alcohol, caffeinated and carbonated drinks can affect our liver. The unhealthy lifestyle can be filtered out by detoxification. Add herbs or fruits unto your meal to help in disintegrating healthy nutrients. A few slices of cucumbers to your drinks can help purge the toxins and prevent water retention.

4. Revamp the Skin

Detox can help minimize the signs of ageing and can cleanse the body. Because of the environmental pollutants the skin accumulates wrinkles and dryness. Drinks infused with fruits rich in Vitamin C can purify your skin, giving you a glowing and radiant look.

Ways to Detoxify Your Body

Our body intakes an excessive amount of toxins and chemicals to allocate time to cleanse our body. You can start with water infused with lemon juice before breakfast. You can even add ginger, cucumber, or mint to your lemon beverage.

To flush away the chemicals and cleanse, ensure that you consume 4 to 6 liters of water daily. Plus, it keeps you hydrated and so boosts your energy level.

Avoid Caffeine, Carbonated, and Alcoholic Drinks

Try replacing your caffeinated and carbonated beverages with green, lime, or ginger teas. Besides cleansing, teas can promote weight loss and metabolism.

If you started your detox diet or detox, you must limit your intake of alcohol. It slowly diminishes the liver’s ability to do its function. Even when you are not on a diet, it is essential to reduce alcohol use because it can contribute to different health issues.

Maintain a Good and Enough Sleep

Enough rest rejuvenates and prepares your body for the following day. Moreover, quality sleep improves the physical and mental health. It also reduces stress, and when you are asleep, the glymphatic system becomes more active. This system is responsible for removing toxins from the brain. ‍

Intake of Probiotic Supplement

Our body is composed of probiotic bacteria. In fact, it has a massive share of our genetics. Without these bacteria, the body will have a difficult time detoxifying. They keep the gut and digestive system healthy by keeping the detrimental bacteria away. Thus, developing a balanced gut environment and robust immune system.

By adding probiotics to your meal, it increases the number of good bacteria inside your body. If you took many antibiotics, probiotics detoxify the digestive system efficiently. ‍

Nuts And Seeds

During detoxification, prioritize getting fats from foods such as avocado, raw nuts, and seeds. Almonds, pistachio, and walnut contain fibers, which is good for your body. Instead of grabbing chips as your snacks, try getting some nuts when you are craving. If you have oatmeal as breakfast, you can also add nuts and seeds, such as chia seeds.

Exercises and Yoga

Stress management is vital in blood flow and detoxification of body and mind. Stretch your body to boost your metabolism and burn some calories. Practice the art of yoga to calm your body and release stress hormones.

Exercise promotes better breathing, blood circulation, and increase of the sweat production. Through this, you can release the toxins away from your body. There are recommended pre-workouts for women here that can be efficacious to your health.

Limit Intake of Simple Carbohydrates and Sweets

Although pasta and white rice keep your stomach full, these foods do not contain enough nutrients. Plus, it is often packed with toxins. It would be better to intake high fiber carbohydrates like potatoes and legumes. These products are more effective for weight loss.

‍Additionally, in the detox process, you must cut down or abstain from sugary products. You can replace your sweet cravings with dark chocolate or natural fruits.

Start Your Detox Journey!

Detoxification is highly recommended to pause from exposure to chemicals and pollution. In this detox process, you become mindful of your body and health. Total Shape offers diet and fitness  references that can provide your body a boost.

Although our body has natural detox, we can boost it by helping ourselves, eat natural and healthy foods and get your regular exercise.  These diets can eventually help you with obesity, digestive issues, bloating, and inflammation. Learn what toxins you intake that can contribute to your health conditions. Instead of eating readily available foods, focus on real and whole foods. High-quality proteins, fats, and carbohydrates can reignite your metabolism and control unnecessary cravings. Also, keep yourself moving and get enough rest. This is the best time to cleanse your body so start now!