All about Jewelry

Whether it’s a birthday, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or you just want to say “thank you”: jewelry is one of the most valuable gifts for women.

However, as much as women love jewelry, so is the dilemma of many men, because the choice is merely diverse: unique wedding rings or ear studs? You can choose what you need by visiting Segal jewellery.

White gold, yellow gold, or silver? Also a classic ring, a bracelet or anklet, and much more.

Curious facts about jewelry

If you read today’s blog post, you would have an excellent chance to learn crucial aspects of jewelry. Well, it’s a typical question that you might stumble across in some quiz shows.

Not directly general knowledge, but still exciting and possibly an advantage, because it’s all about jewelry. Just look at it from a completely different perspective.

If you want to know how Cleopatra can destroy a sinfully expensive pearl or what dimensions the largest ring in the world has, then read on. If it doesn’t help, you have an interesting topic of conversation to bridge boring situations and break the ice.

1. Expensive movie jewelry

In movies, not everything that glitters is always gold. Sometimes, the film studios really cost a lot to equip. This is what happened, for example, in the film Moulin Rouge.

There Nicole Kidman wears a necklace that costs more than $ 1 million. No wonder, because the good piece was made especially for the film and consisted of platinum and more than 1300 diamonds, a total of 134 carats!

2. The largest pearl in the world

There is no woman who hasn’t dreamt of a pearl necklace; after all, it is one of the most elegant jewelry pieces that can be imagined. Thanks to cultured pearls, such valuable goods are also quite affordable today.

Nevertheless, there are extraordinary pearls that cost a real fortune. For example, the largest pearls in the world are the pearl of Lao Tzu and the pearl of Allah. It is a real shell pearl that was found 80 years ago in the Philippines.

It weighs over 6 kg and is almost 24 cm long. So, something you can only watch rather than wear. Maybe it is also because their sale almost always failed. Or at the estimated price of over $ 60 million.

3. Cleopatra and the Pearl

Cleopatra was known for making significant and sometimes really spectacular decisions (without batting an eyelid). She also loved luxury and wear it in her own way. Besides, it is said that she once destroyed a precious pearl by simply swallowing it.

The reason for this is said to have been a bet between her and her lover Marc Antonius. She claimed she could eat ten million sesterces in just one meal. She succeeded in this by dissolving the pearl in a vinegar solution and then drinking it. Well, it was certainly not tasty.

4. Dangerous jewelry

Some pieces of jewelry can be harmful. They have pointed shapes, serrations, sharp corners, and edges. But mostly it is still quite harmless. Or isn’t it? According to a study, more than 50,000 people get hurt from their jewelry every year in the United States.

And, we don’t think that each of them wears such jagged and pointed jewelry. I don’t want to know exactly how they did it. However, you should be careful while taking off any jewelry.

5. The largest ring in the world

Probably the largest and heaviest ring in the world was actually made for promotional purposes because wearing it would be almost impossible unless you are crazy rich. A ring weighs a whopping 64 kg, which was made in 2000! B

esides, it is really gigantic with a diameter of 220 cm. Over 50 goldsmiths have worked on the gold, 21-carat ring. It is set with more than 5 kg of precious stones. That can hardly be surpassed. But honestly, people prefer jewelry that they can really wear.

Facts about the gold as an element

The element “gold” has some fantastic properties that make it irreplaceable for industrial use.

  • Ductility: Physicists describe the ability of an element to deform permanently without breaking. For example, glass has a very low ductility, which is why it breaks easily. Gold is so ductile that it can be rolled out very thinly in the form of gold leaf.
  • Alloy: Gold can be alloyed well with other elements. This is an advantage for the jewelry industry because it can be used to produce white gold, rose gold, and other alloys.
  • High corrosion resistance: In contrast to silver, gold is very corrosion resistant. It means that it does not react with water or air and always keeps its shine.
  • High acid resistance: It is also very acid-resistant and is often used as a denture because it cannot be affected by saliva or food acids.

Checklist: jewelry for women

This checklist will help you find the perfect piece of jewelry for your loved one:

  • Inform in good time: women feel when a gift has been obtained at the last pusher – or whether a piece of jewelry has been carefully selected.
  • The tastes and desires in jewels: even 24-carat gold earrings cannot impress your wife if she has a silver penchant. Take a look at your loved one’s jewelry box and find out which material they like. If your friend already has a silver ring and chain, then you will not be wrong with silver earrings.
  • In addition to emotional criteria, there are (relatively) objective criteria to determine which jewelry suits the type.
  • White gold stands for women with light, pink skin and goes well with clothes with more subtle colors. Silver and white gold are also more suitable for sporty or “minimalist” types who do not want to show off.
  • Yellow gold is more suitable for darker / slightly tanned skin types and clothing with strong colors.
  • Rose gold is considered an “all-rounder” and fits all skin types.