All the Ways Yubo Is Uniting Gen Z

In the world of online social media platforms, Yubo, the live social discovery app headquartered in Paris, stands out as the high-tech choice for Generation Z users aged 13 to 25. Formerly known as Yellow, it was first launched in 2015.

Now, the leading platform makes it even easier for users to find and interact with friends.

Users can connect with others in a number of ways — via live streaming, chat, or gaming.

All day, every day, these interactions bring global users together over common interests and experiences. Yubo has updated its in-app onboarding interface and tags feature so members can get in touch with friends worldwide based on their interests.

When users create an account, they can add tags to their profiles to let other users know what subjects they want to discuss. More than 6 million users have already embraced the tag feature.

This addition to the account creation flow process makes it easier than ever for Gen Z to find the right tags to add to their profile to showcase their love of everything from pop culture to TV, gaming, music, movies, and food.

“We want to ensure that our users have the best possible experience on the app, meeting new like-minded people and creating friendships and connections with others,” stated Sacha Lazimi, co-founder and CEO.

Yubo Connects Gen Z in New Ways

Since its launch in 2015, the social media platform has connected over 2 billion people, who have sent over 10 billion messages.

Over 30 billion live streams have also happened on the platform, and tens of thousands of people join the platform daily. With that many people in one place, finding the ones who share interests could be difficult.

However, the platform has simplified the process.

On Yubo, users can connect and interact with other members in their age group via chats, games, and live streams.

Members can also use tags to add friends. When users find a profile with a tag that sparks their interest, they can click on it to see which other members share that interest.

Members’ top tags appear directly in their friends’ tab to ensure anyone can curate their community of friends with the same interests. It’s a meaningful way to connect within the online platform’s community of like-minded members.

Bonding over a love of Gen Z favorites, including music like Arctic Monkeys or Drake, video games like Minecraft or Grand Theft Auto V, TV shows such as Friends or Stranger Things, and brands like Nike and Air Jordan, is an excellent way to start conversations that create budding friendships.

“Yubo is a response to a fundamental need of Generation Z — socializing and creating friendships in the digital world in the exact same way as in real life,” stated Lazimi. The CEO added that the company aims to become “the world-leading social platform, born in France and based on European standards.

Furthermore, Yubo is updating its live streaming feature. The company redesigned the entire onboarding process.

The changes make it easier for members to distinguish if the individuals on the live stream are a watcher viewing the live stream, or a streamer — the member hosting or appearing in the livestream — utilizing a tooltip.

The tooltip will be visible throughout the duration of the live stream in order to make users feel more comfortable and connected.

Finding friends with similar interests is even easier because the app separates members into different communities based on age.

Since Gen Zers range in age from young teenagers to 20-somethings, this helps limit interaction between teens and adults and reflects how they interact with others in real life.

Separating teen and adult users is one of the ways the platform protects the younger users, particularly against content or topics that are inappropriate or irrelevant to their age group.

Leading the Way With Creating a Personalized User Experience

Many unique features set Yubo apart from other social media platforms, such as its lack of focus on influencers and celebrities and the commercial push that comes with having those user groups on a social media platform.

Another important distinction is that it doesn’t use any approval metrics including likes or follower counts.

By avoiding those criteria, members are free to focus on real-time interaction and socializing without the demand of performance. It’s also specifically designed to encourage young people to forge new friendships outside of their immediate social circles.

In contrast, most social media platforms strive to connect their members with existing friends in their networks.

“The launch of the new updates and features has already proven to improve the user experience and remove any barriers that were previously in the way, with over 6 million users now making use of our tag updates and features,” stated Lazimi.

“We will continue to listen to our community and introduce changes on the app to reflect their needs and their experience.”

The social media platform prides itself on leading the way to establishing a unique personalized experience for members and united Gen Z communities who share interests and values.

Attracting, connecting, and linking Generation Z through the platform is challenging for any digital environment. Still, the app’s global success demonstrates that it’s becoming a daily essential for youth worldwide.

The social media platform prioritizes safety, employing measures including high-tech tools, livestream moderators, and human safety specialists to ensure that every user can socialize as safely as possible on the app.

Ben Casnocha, co-founder and partner at Village Global, stated, “Yubo is revolutionizing traditional social networks for Generation Z.

Immediacy, live videos, group discussions, conviviality, sharing, and safety — all the ingredients are coming together so that young people can form new friendships in the digital world as they would in real life.

Yubo’s meteoric success is a testament to its relevance and potential.”

Users can download the app for free through Google Play and the Apple App Store.