All You Need to Know About Home Warranties

Most people know about homeowner insurance, covering fire, weather damage, theft, and liability claims.

Home warranty also plays a role in protecting homeowners’ things but with different coverage. It is a service contract between the company and the homeowner by which the company provides services on selected items of home with specific charges.

According to the agreement, the company counts its costs annually or monthly. Along with the basic prices, a customer pays a service fee on each problem he faces in the form of appliances or a system like an oven, heating system, etc.


A home warranty protects and covers items and discounts repairing or replacing that specific item.

Usually, warranty provider companies only have concerns about the number of items included in the warranty plan, and they don’t care about the condition and remaining service lifetime. Most companies give services on appliances or systems, and some offer hybrid plans.

It depends upon the selected plan that provides the coverage of items.

Repair or replacement of appliance can be so expensive, but when some problems give hello signs in-household system, and it stops working, it can stand a financial crisis for a homeowner.

These services are also available that can save you from this kind of crisis and hardship. Mainly home warranty plans cover the system in the hybrid plan. The system includes a central vacuum, air conditioning, ceiling fans, ductwork, attic fans, toilets, water heater, sump pump, and many more.

These all things depend upon the warranty provider company, what they offer. On the other hand, the company gives an option to their customers to include what they want in service.

Because the company standard plan does not cover all the hone items, the plan has some boundaries with terms and conditions.

How to claim?

If you are facing a breakdown and at the same time you have a home warranty plan holder, there is no need to worry. Registered you complain about the service provider company number mentioned in the plan book. They informed their technician available in that area, he made a call and took some info about the issue.

He also requests the time in which you want his visit. He visits, makes a report, and suggests whether the item is repaired or replaced. After that, he collects some service charges and fixes the issue. If an item wants replacement, then the company decides to replace it.

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Coverage limits

No matter how many things are covered in the annual plan, companies inform their customers about the maximum cost that the company bears for repairing or replacing protected items. This limit may vary from company to company.

For example, one company charges 60$ per month on each item, and the other costs 600$—the main charges define how much the company can bear. In most agreements, each item’s repair or replacement cost is described in the plan.

This thing also kept in mind is that the company also has overall limits for all repair or replacement costs. But all stuff like this is defined by a company representative before an agreement happens.

What a Home Warranty does not cover

As we all know in-home lots of things are in daily use but all these couldn’t be covered by home warranty plan. A few items are not included:

  • Paints, foundation, and structural issues of walls.
  • Nonessential items that don’t need to cover like racks, timers, remote control, etc.
  • Solar system and its components
  • Rust, corrosion problems
  • Previous repairs are a thing that is not included in the plan.
  • Removal of toxic chemicals and substances
  • Commercial grade equipment or systems

Bottom line

Most of us spend a lot while building our houses. A home warranty can be helpful in the context of money-saving. It all depends upon the selection of warranty plans and how much you want to secure yourself. All the warranties and stuff like that are available for peace of mind.

Mainly home warranty saves you from unwanted surprises in the breakdown of equipment and other household systems. If some8like that happens, you have the right to assistance from the home warranty plan if you had it.