All you need to know about IELTS test: Academic and General Training

Planning to take up an IELTS test soon? Do you know about the two different tests you can attend? And the format of the exam? If you are confused about the pattern, types, and duration of the IELTS test, here is everything you should know.

The IELTS test assesses your abilities in four sessions including listening, reading, writing, and speaking. Several countries such as the UK, Australia, New Zealand, USA, and Canada accept IELTS for university admissions. The IELTS exam is owned by IDP Education Australia, British Council, and Cambridge English Language Assessment. It is accepted in more than 3,400 institutions in the US and thousands of institutions in English speaking countries.

You can attend the IELTS test for various purposes. You can attend the exam to study, work, or migrate to your favorite country. More than 10,000 education institutions accept IELTS tests globally. However, every country has its own guidelines to permit residence according to the IELTS score. The IELTS examination is based on a nine-band scale to identify your language level of proficiency, from band score 1 to band score 9. Read below to find out the types of IELTS test and which one is right for you.

IELTS Academic

Are you looking for admission to an English speaking university? The IELTS Academic test is for you!

IELTS Academic is designed for students applying for admission in various universities in which English is the medium of instruction. Apart from that, some professionals are also required to provide scores for this version of the test like medical professionals in Ireland, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, or Canada. A wide range of medical jobs requires this version of the exam.

The main purpose of the examination is to evaluate if the candidate has the potential to study in the English language. Go for this test if you wish to

  • Study at an undergraduate level or postgraduate level
  • Apply for a Student Route visa at a University
  • Work in a professional organization

IELTS General Training

Are you looking for general immigration? Then choose IELTS General Training.

This is designed for aspirants who wish to migrate to countries like New Zealand, Australia, the, US and the UK. This test evaluates the basic skills of a candidate to survive in a social and workplace environment. If you wish to get trained for IELTS to crack in the first attempt, IELTS Training can help you.

Although this test aims for general immigration, some organizations use General Training IELTS scores to assess the English ability of their workers to check their potential to stay in their workforce. Opt for IELTS General Training if you wish to:

  • Work in an organization
  • Undertake any training in an English-speaking country
  • Emigrate to an English-speaking country for residence

The Four Parts of IELTS

As we know there are four parts to an IELTS test- Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening. Now, how do these four parts make a difference in the two tests?

  • The speaking section and Listening section are the same for both the tests.
  • Reading and Writing Sections are different for both the tests.

What is the IELTS test for Academic vs. General Training Writing?

The focus of IELTS Academic Writing is to test your ability to understand and write based on academic concepts. You will be asked to write short academic essays based on the data which can be a graph or table. IELTS Academic also requires you to write the answer in the exact academic style.

The focus of IELTS General Training writing assesses your ability to write a causal essay or text. Probably, this test will ask you to write a letter that can be formal or informal. Writing can include a letter requesting information, or an essay regarding an argument or problem on your personal view.

What is the IELTS test for Academic vs. General Training Reading?

The IELTS Academic test Reading section focuses on your reading ability to detail, summarise, skim, and recognize the writer’s opinion. The test includes long texts taken from books, journals, magazines, and newspapers which serve various academic purposes.  The reading test in Academic is appropriate for candidates who wish to join various university courses.

The IELTS General Training test includes text from books, magazines, notices, or even advertisements that are general and social. The materials that you encounter daily are used for reading tests here. However, the examiner focuses your reading ability to detail, summarise, skim, and recognize the writer’s opinion the same as that of the Academic test.

Let’s Sum Up

Probably, you might have heard that some parts of the General Training IELTS are easier than the Academic IELTS. This is because IELTS Academic focuses on academic purposes strictly. However, the majority of the parts and question paper pattern are similar for both the tests. Ultimately, your decision on choosing the test must be according to the purpose of your migration.