All You Need to Know About Parcel Tracking Services

Having the ability to track domestic, as well as international parcels, play a vital role in the creation of a stress-free online shopping experience. It is even recommended by Amazon that sellers should include parcel tracking information via different methods.

When talking about popular courier service providers, 4px express also comes to mind. 4px tracking can be done by various sites or applications and OrderTracker is one of the good ones.

How Can the Tracking of a Parcel Be Done?

Whether international or domestic, tracking a parcel is not a difficult task at all and can be performed in just a few minutes by following a couple of simple steps. The steps involve:

  • Logging into the account
  • Entering tracking number
  • Clicking on track

Simple, isn’t it? There are platforms that provide their customers with a number of different ways of tracking their parcels. These ways can turn out to be quite useful to those individuals who are prone to forgetting their tracking numbers or user information.

How Does Parcel Tracking Work?

Parcel tracking is a simple process that determines where a particular package is at a specific time while in transit from origin to the destination point. Usually, whenever an order is placed, a tracking number is provided by the courier company. This tracking number allows the customers to trace the location of their package and estimate the time expected delivery time.

Is It Possible to Track an International Package?

Customers who make online purchases often wonder if they would be able to track their orders or not. Well, the simple answer is yes as most of the courier services provide their customers with varying levels of shipment tracking for national as well as international packages. The level of tracking is however dependant mainly upon the mail class that is being used, but the customer is usually provided with the feature to access in-transit and view delivery status information.

Why Are the Two Key Benefits of Implementing the Parcel Tracking Software?

Listed among one of the most useful platforms, the parcel tracking software offers a wide range of benefits to the businesses that deal with delivery and pickup. Let’s have a look at some of these key benefits offered by this software.

Increased Customer Retention: Since every business company aims towards achieving full customer satisfaction, it plays a vital role in the success of a business. Making use of the parcel tracking software will have effective last-mile tracking and delivery resulting in increased customer retention.

Improved Communication: For a business to flourish, effective communication plays a vital role. This communication takes place in the form of the customer receiving continuous notifications which keep him updated with the delivery status of the parcel.

Can A Fake Tracking Number Be Identified?

Generally speaking, if you are provided with a fake tracking number, it won’t show any tracking information when you try to track your parcel. Hence, if you need to confirm that your tracking number is valid, you should contact the courier service providers on their helpline.


In today’s modern era, people avoid going to the supermarkets or stores for their daily needs and instead give more preference to online shopping. More often, products are ordered from overseas as it is believed that the products from overseas would have comparatively better quality.

However, since these products have to be delivered from overseas, the customers are worried about the delivery of the products and want to get constant updates regarding the status of the delivery. Hence, having a suitable parcel tracking system would not only remove the stress of the customers but would also help the companies and brands in a number of different ways.