Allow yourself to get pleasure from language courses while Ukrainian learning

Ukrainian language knowledge is compulsive for foreign citizens who live and work in Ukraine, and also plan to study in national educational institutions.

Ukrainian language is very beautiful and melodic and it’s not difficult to make oneself familiar with it due to relatively simple grammar. NovaMova offers a course of Ukrainian language for foreigners who speak English. Our teachers communicate both Ukrainian and English, so they are able to understand you and support. Specialists select the most suitable course for studying, taking into consideration the wishes and level of knowledge of the Ukrainian language.

NovaMova’s advantages
After choosing our school, the person gets:

  • Multi-level learning system. The main focus in learning Ukrainian is on the development of speaking skills with the immersive experience, obligatory improvement of the grammatical level, and the acquisition of reading and writing skills.
  • Highly-professional methods. The courses are held according to the author’s projects, integrated from the best methodological developments known today internationally – interesting modern dialogues, texts, and effective exercises.
  • The fastest way to learn Ukrainian. The person submerses into the cultural peculiarities and language environment that positively influences the perception and helps to translate Ukrainian to English and vice versa easily.
  • Ability to choose different available course dates.
  • Training in mixed international groups. Such a solution makes you feel comfortable and free to express yourself.
  • Advantageous positioning. The basic office is located in the heart of the capital of Ukraine – Kiev. It’s also possible to choose courses in Odessa (south part of the country), Batumi (Georgia), and Chisinau (Moldova).
  • Possibility to start from phonetic and get the basic knowledge with the gradual expansion of knowledge and load increasing. Such customizable courses are 100% useful in practice and bring positive results even after the first lesson.
  • Chance to plunge into the world of Ukrainian phraseology. Students get acquainted with the works of Ukrainian writers, scientists, cultural figures, and discuss current topics.

There are also special offers for children and teenagers. Specialists use role-playing games for new material digesting; create conditions for a closer acquaintance with the culture and new friends (characters of books). By the way, NovaMova experts make the excursion tours in order to get acquainted with Kiev and make you fall in love with this amazing city. Such conditions influence positively on the person and awake the additional desire to learn Ukrainian and work here in the years since.

Here, in NovaMova, you can find only trusted partners, who will present all the information in an accessible form, exceed the scope the classical lessons, and turn the learning process into an exciting journey.