Amazing features of the Faboom app

Playing games has always been an ideal pastime for everyone. With the arrival of different technologies, conventional games have been shifted to digital platforms. By providing a great user experience and a variety of games, these platforms are considered to be the most affordable way to enjoy online gaming.

Faboom and GetMega are two online gaming platforms that offer gaming enthusiasts with seamless gaming experience. Further, these platforms provide intuitive and responsive gameplays that allow users to take appropriate actions.

Online gaming platforms also help gamers to track their gaming performance thus ensuring them to improve their playing skills and other strategies. So, we can undoubtedly say that gaming apps or websites have a lot to offer besides fun and entertainment.


Faboom is a gaming app where individuals can participate in fantasy leagues related to three sports: cricket, football, and kabaddi. After selecting a sport, one must fill up a form on this gaming platform. Once the form is filled, the same person would be authenticated via Google or Facebook accounts.

In case a person doesn’t have either account he can sign in with a valid email ID. By doing so, Faboom makes itself a bot-free zone with only 100% real players enjoying the various games. The gaming app might not have 24×7 leaderboards but it certainly breaks down the scores on the basis of different cricket formats.

For example, the app provides leaderboards for ODI, Test Cricket, and T20 matches. Further, the leaderboards show points when players opt for standard or bonus mode. These points vary as per someone’s performance in the game.

For instance, when a player takes a wicket he is awarded 16 points and when he stumps, he is awarded 12 points.

Faboom’s developers have made the User Interface extremely user-friendly. Despite the app lacking horizontal screen rotation, it runs seamlessly without any lag. Further, the gameplay of Faboom is intuitive in nature. This gaming app’s impressive gameplay features components that are displayed in an optimized manner.

With a stable network, you are free to enjoy a smooth virtual gaming experience. Also, Faboom offers referral rewards for every player. A person can get a reward once he uses the generated code. When it comes to safety and security, Faboom provides the best features.

The app is well-equipped with 3D secure authentication. While dealing with the personal details of the users, Faboom ensures integrity and transparency. Though the app has no audio feature or sign-up bonus, it still remains one of the best gaming platforms in the country.


GetMega is an online gaming platform that is also a member of the All India Gaming Federation. On this platform, a person can play games like Rummy, Poker, Carrom, GoPool, Warship, 123, PickMe, and GK. All these games are divided into three groups: Cards, Casual and Trivia.

Here players whose IDs have been verified via Google or Facebook profiles can join in to play different games. This ensures only real players can participate in this platform. GetMega with its 24×7 leaderboards offers a rewarding experience to the users. These leaderboards are task-based and winning-based, meaning, you can top the leaderboard by either playing or winning.

Also, the app’s leaderboards are divided into different time formats: hourly (flash leaderboards), daily, weekly and monthly. Players who secure the first 10 positions on the leaderboards can win exciting prizes.

Depending on the games you opt for, the entry of the leaderboards is both free and paid. Further, with GetMega’s leaderboards, players can win up to Rs. 100,000 every week along with attractive gadgets including mobile phones.

The developers of GetMega have designed a clean and user-friendly User Interface. This UI provides a good gaming experience to the players. Further, GetMega’s intuitive User Interface makes it easy for the gamers to interact with the different kinds of games and earn exciting prizes.

The app also boasts both horizontal and vertical gameplays based on the types of games.  For instance, when a person plays GoPool or Rummy, he can experience horizontal gameplay. On the other hand, when an individual plays Warship, Poker or Carrom the platform will offer vertical gameplay. GetMega’s gameplay is adapted for maximum entertainment and a fun quotient.

The gaming developers use vibrant colors for the key elements making it easier for gamers to identify and use. Also, this gaming offers different referral programs based on two criteria. One, the referral should be from the referee’s contact book.

And two, both the referral and referee must play one game on this platform in video chat mode. In addition, players can get Rs.5 as a welcome bonus by signing in for the first time on its portal. GetMega with an RNG certification provides ample security features to safeguard the personal details of the players.

Now that you know about all the unique functionalities of Faboom and GetMega, choose the best one and start playing. Don’t forget to refer the app to your friends or family and earn great rewards.