Amazing moment man takes down Palestine flag flying in Tower Hamlets – only to be attacked by passing driver before they battle each other with LADDERS

  • Two men were seen brawling with ladders after a man tried to take down flag 
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This is the shocking moment two men fought each other with ladders after one was filmed taking down a Palestine flag.

The video emerged online and was secretly filmed by a member of the public.

You can see through curtain blinds a bus stop in Tower Hamlets, London.

A man in a white top and white woolly hat with the England flag on it is seen with two sets of ladders.

The man puts one of the ladders on top of a metal box, possibly a wheely bin, and begins to climb up the ladder to try and get a flag off of a lamppost.

The man in the white hat can be seen trying to take down the Palestine flag from a lamppost

In the video, you can hear the person filming it saying: ‘Oh my God! I can’t believe this random dude is trying to get the flag off.

‘Some random dude.’

The man climbs to the top of the ladder, grabs the Palestinian flag and yanks it down.

But as he does so, a car can be seen parking up.

The driver then gets out and pushes the metal box that the ladder was resting on, almost knocking the man in the white hat to the floor.

But the man in the white hat manages to maintain his footing, grabs the ladder and swings at the driver.

The driver gets hold of a ladder and the man in the hat gets another ladder and the two can be seen brawling with them.

‘Obviously racist,’ says the woman filming the incident.

A passing driver got out of his car and began to brawl the man in the whit hat. They both used ladders as weapons

A passing driver got out of his car and began to brawl the man in the whit hat. They both used ladders as weapons

Then another passerby grabs the ladder from the man in the white hat and he runs away.

Mail Online contacted the Met Police for comment.

The Palestinian flag has become a divisive issue lately due to the flared tensions caused by the war between Israel and Hamas.

There have been several marches in London alone and hundreds across the world as people march in solidarity for the Palestinian cause, due to the high civilian death toll caused by Israel’s bombardment of Gaza.

However, some of the marches have been criticised due to the antisemitism of some of the participants.

Also, the marches attracted counter-protests from the far-right.