Amazing moment six-year-old boy serves one-handed backhands on the tennis court 

Champion in the making! Amazing moment six-year-old boy serves one-handed backhands on the tennis court

  • Ethan Lax has been filmed serving one-handed back hands on the tennis court
  • Viewers have drawn comparisons between the six-year-old and Roger Federer
  • His father David Lax says he has ‘no anticipations’, as long as Ethan is happy

A six-year-old has become an internet sensation after he was filmed performing perfect one-handed back-hand on the tennis court.

Ethan Lax was immediately compared to the likes of Roger Federer who is famously known for his one-handed technique.

Footage shows the youngster swinging his racket forwards and propelling a ball over the net.

He swung his racket with one hand and was instantly compared to Roger Federer and Stan Wawrinka

Six-year-old Ethan has sent the internet into meltdown after he was filmed serving perfect one-handed backhands on the tennis court

He then moves across the court as he serves a smooth one-handed back hand.

Ethan appears cool and collected as he quickly moves his wrist and masters his shots, in the footage which has gathered 276k views.

Social media users have drawn similarities between the boy and Swiss professional player Stan Wawrinka.

Ethan's father David admitted his son's 'quite proficient' but said his happiness is the priority above pursuing the sport

Ethan appears in control as he confidently swings the racket

The little boy appeared calm and collected as he repeatedly served one-handed shots. He has attracted the attention of professional player Sloane Stephens who retweeted the inspiring clip

Twitter user Dinesh said: ‘Roger’ forehand & Stan’s backhand.’

Ishan wrote: ‘Wow the force he is putting behind his backhand… The same energy he is trying to exert like Dominic Thiem.’ 

Three-time Grand slam winner Wawrinka faces tough competition from Ethan, other users have suggested.

And it has even attracted the attention of tennis player Sloane Stephens, who was ranking of No. 3 in the world after Wimbledon in 2018, who retweeted the clip.  

Ethan’s father David told The Publish: ‘But for actual it’s a rough sport and we have no anticipations. Ethan is age 6 and as long as he is happy, he is playing the sport he loves and has a nutritious life-style which is all that issues proper now.’

He admitted his son’s ‘quite proficient’ but they are not even imagining that much yet.