Amazon customer’s sick cat trapped indoors by delivery

Amazon customer says her pet cat Freddie that has bladder condition was stuck indoors all day after delivery driver piled up parcels against cat flap

  • Two-year-old Freddie could not budge the dehumidifier the worker had left  
  • Owner shamed the online retailer on its Facebook page after finding ‘poor cat’
  • Pictures show the huge package taking up the entire width of the front door 

An Amazon customer says her pet cat was trapped inside her home all day after a delivery man piled up parcels against the cat flap.

Two-year-old black cat Freddie suffers from a bladder condition which means he needs to go to the toilet regularly.

But the feline was stuck inside the property in Leeds for hours after a delivery driver thoughtlessly blocked the catflap. The dehumidifier sent by the online retailer was far too heavy for Freddie to budge.

The woman, who wished to remain anonymous, was at work on Tuesday when the package arrived.

The Amazon worker left the package blocking the entire of the front door, enraging Freddie’s owner after the cat was trapped 

Pictures of the blocked cat flap were posted to Amazon’s Facebook page stating: ‘ how do you expect my cat to be able to get out of the house when you leave my parcel blocking his cat flap?!

‘Poor cat has been stuck in the house all day and he doesn’t have a litter tray inside the house!’

The photographs show the large package taking up the width of the door. The package has been pressed against the door as far as possible.

However, the cat flap has been blocked due to the placement of the parcel showing there is no way out for Freddie.

Freddie was completely blocked from getting out of his cat flap (pictured) because an Amazon package was in the way

Freddie (pictured) was completely blocked from getting out of his cat flap because an Amazon package was in the way

Freddie (right) was completely blocked from getting out of his cat flap (left) because an Amazon package was in the way 

Another photo shows the view from inside the house where all that can be seen through the cat flap is an Amazon box.

Amazon commented on the post shortly after saying: ‘Oh no! We’re so sorry the parcel was left like that!’

The woman had also received an email response from Amazon which she feels doesn’t reflect the issue of trapping a living animal.

She said: ‘It just felt like an automated response that they send to everyone about any routine issue. They didn’t consider that it was a living animal we were talking about, and I would have appreciated a more detailed response. It felt like they didn’t really care.

‘I would have preferred a more personal response from Amazon and more detail into their investigation and actions on this to reassure me it won’t happen again.

‘I did call them up after the response, but I still don’t feel they took it very seriously. I have a prime membership so I order things all the time, but have never experienced something like this before.’

The woman says this incident could severely affected Freddie’s rehabilitation.

She added: ‘I was really concerned for my cat. He loves being outdoors and often spends most of the day outside.

‘He doesn’t have a litter tray inside so needs to be able to get outside when he wants to. It made me feel upset that this amazon delivery driver clearly didn’t have any concern for animals.

‘I think they just treated it like any normal delivery complaint like when people complain because they left something in the rain or a bin but this is a living animal they have affected.

‘Freddie has a medical condition with his bladder so if he’d been unable to go out it could have potentially caused this to reoccur which could have been fatal.’