Amazon Prime Video introduce brand new feature to their coverage… and viewers are already calling on Sky Sports to adopt it

  • Tuesday’s Premier League matches were broadcast on Amazon Prime video
  • Amazon added a never-before-seen feature to their coverage of the matches
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Amazon Prime introduced a brand new feature to their coverage of Tuesday night’s Premier League coverage and it has certainly gone down well with fans.

For the first time ever, a substitute counter was added above the scores during the two matches.

The addition allows viewers to easily keep track of how many changes their side has remaining.

The tracker displays five small marks above the name of each team – with one disappearing each time a substitute is made.

This was demonstrated quickly as Burnley’s Luca Koleosho was forced off after just 36 minutes. 

Amazon Prime Video have added a substitute counter (top left) to their football coverage 

And supporters are now calling on Sky Sports to follow in their footsteps and add it to their coverage.

One wrote: ‘I really like Amazon Prime’s line symbols to show how many substitutes both teams have got left, it’s the little things.’

Another tweeted: ‘new substitute tracking system on Amazon prime is very useful actually and surprising that it hasn’t been introduced sooner. 

‘Amazon again showing to be superior to other platforms and surely must be the future of premier league coverage.’


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