Amazon shoppers are improving their oral hygiene with this top-rated cordless water flosser

Want a thorough teeth clean from home? Amazon shoppers are blasting away plaque with this top-rated cordless water flosser that’s now on sale for £40

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Amazon has a deal that will give you something to smile about this January. If you want to step up your dental hygiene then it’s important to go above basic brushing. That’s why thousands have already bought and loved the Hangsun Water Flosser Cordless Oral Irrigator.

Cleaning places that are often overlooked, an oral irrigator also known as a water flosser, helps to remove food, plague and bacteria to leave your mouth looking and feeling noticeably cleaner. 

The highly-rated battery powered water flosser has over 2,400 perfect five-star reviews from Amazon shoppers who call it ‘the extra boost I really need’ with many raving how they ‘could really feel the difference straight away’. Better still, the water popular water flosser is now on sale for £39.99. 

Removing food particles and built-up plaque, the £39.99 Hangsun Water Flosser is a popular buy with shoppers looking to improve their oral care from home

For strong teeth, healthy gums and fresh breath, dentists will tell you there’s more to oral care then just brushing your teeth. 

Traditional string floss can be fiddly to use and irritate sore gums, and it’s often made from plastic, which isn’t great for the environment. Enter the Hangsun Water Flosser.

If you have sensitive gums or are looking to really get in to the crevices of your teeth then the £39.99 water flosser could be a brilliant bathroom companion that can really enhance your daily oral care routine. 

The Hangsun Water Flosser uses 1,600 pulses per minute to deeply cleanse between teeth and gums. Through this combination of water pressure and pulsations, it cleans deep between teeth and below the gum line where regular flossing can’t reach. 

Blasting away plaque in a way manual flossing can’t, it’s a more efficient and thorough way to ensure your teeth stay pearly white and healthy. Better still, the irrigator goes one step further, with three modes so you can choose the intensity that’s right for you for a truly customised clean.

There’s a ‘normal’ mode for powerful removal of food particles, ‘soft’ for gentle to clean sensitive teeth, and ‘pulse’ for massaging gum and rinsing. 

Using a combination of water pressure and pulsations, it's ideal for sensitive gums, cleaning around braces, implants, dental bridges and crowns

Using a combination of water pressure and pulsations, it’s ideal for sensitive gums, cleaning around braces, implants, dental bridges and crowns 

The top-rated water flosser can also rotate 360 degrees and comes with a large 300ml water tank and four interchangeable heads so the whole family can get in on the action.  

One impressed shopper raved: ‘Got this as my dentist recommended. Could really feel the difference straight away. My gums seem healthier all ready.’

Another agreed, adding: ‘One of my best ever buys – really makes your mouth clean! I find it really easy to use over the sink, feels really nice to use, like a little massage for gums, I don’t recommend using really cold water, I use Luke warm. Really recommend this product.’

A third penned: ‘I really love this! I feel like I get a deep clean when are use this. I would say don’t use ice cold water as it can be really irritating on the gums use lukewarm water I also like to mix a little bit of mouthwash in with it. I can really feel the difference.’