Amsterdam Canal Cruises: Booking Tips, Costs, and Why a Private Tour Might be Worth It?

Amsterdam is surely a town worth exploring.

With its architectural marvels, scenic beauty, and historical monuments, it is heaven for those looking for a fulfilling vacation. But any tour of this town of canals would be incomplete if you haven’t experienced it from its glaring waters.

Visit Amsterdam canal cruises.

Is It Worth Doing a Canal Cruise in Amsterdam?

Despite what you’ve seen in this city, if it wasn’t for its canals flowing right through the town, it wasn’t worth it.

Amsterdam shines brightest when seen from its waters. Along the banks lie the most iconic sites of Amsterdam. Besides, these canals have some very famous eateries in the town which let you enjoy a scrumptious meal that will be served right into your boat.

Moreover, every guide on board is mostly highly knowledgeable local capable of providing some really interesting insights about the city’s popular (and less popular) attractions. So, for an insightful trip to the city, it is highly advisable that you cruise through it.

This lets you enjoy the real cuisine for which Amsterdam is well known along with an opportunity to admire highly famed tourist attractions along the canal banks while floating your way across the town.

Do I Need to Book a Canal Cruise in Amsterdam?

A very common question posed by the explorers is should you book the Amsterdam Canal cruise in advance?

The answer is positive. To ensure everything turns out smoothly and all your plans are not ruined, it’s highly advisable to book a boat ahead of the planned tour. Almost every private boat company offers online booking from their websites.

Almost every private boat rental company has made it mandatory to book a trip in advance. This is because they need to complete arrangements ahead of the booked tour depending on the number of boarders and what they would prefer to drink on board.

Why should You Go for a Private Canal Cruise?

Amsterdam City hosts both shared and personal boats. The former might cost a bit lower but it will obviously offer lesser privacy as is needed for an enjoyable tour of the city. Besides, you have less control over which routes to take and when to start a tour.

A saloon cruise is highly recommended due to various reasons;

  • Such boats offer more privacy for both groups of friends and for couples.
  • These boats are mostly well maintained and better equipped with luxurious facilities that one wants to enjoy onboard.
  • Due to their smaller size, saloon boats have lower risks of getting stuck during rush hours.
  • Most of these boats offer several pickup points so you can choose the one most suitable one.
  • You get time to take more private pictures as memories of your trip because you can select the background according to your choice and there won’t be any stranger in your pictures.
  • Your personal guide is solely at your disposal and can answer each and every question you have regarding the city and its famous spots.
  • Private boats even provide specialized tours like a private dinner cruise.
  • These personal boats also allow personalization of welcome drinks and they host some very decent minibars as well.

So, for your trip to be memorable, it’s recommended to go for a saloon boat tour. these can be booked for small to medium-sized groups.

Best Private Canal Cruises in Amsterdam

This city houses some highly luxurious cruises.

They are furnished with every comfort one can crave in a luxury saloon.

However, if your goal is to go for a luxury boat that can be customized exactly according to your needs and provides a highly cherishable experience at a competitive price, reach the Amsterdam Private Boat Tours here and you’ll never regret your decision.

These private boat tours offer highly comfortable cruises for varying group sizes.

Why Choose Amsterdam Private Boat Tours?

At Amsterdam Private Boat offer the best private canal cruise services for a memorable experience.

Amsterdam Private Boat has a historic boat at your service.

This boat has been given monumental status due to its rich historical background. Hence, despite being loaded with the most advanced facilities, it will combine luxury with history and provide you with a vintage experience.

With its most comfy sundeck, double pane fog-proof windows, tempting beverages at the mini bar, refreshing welcome drink, and integrated heating system, these boat tours are the best possible boarding experience for the boarders.

So, book a trip now and get ready for a classic, royal trip to glittering waters in style.

How Much Does a Canal Cruise Cost in Amsterdam?

The charges of your saloon tour vary depending on your food choices along with many other factors. However, the cost changes with the tour duration and other factors. Here is a breakup of costs for a better idea:

  • 1-hour trip with a welcome drink included will cost you 250 €.
  • 1.5 hours tour including the drink costs 340 €.

This 1.5-hour trip can also be converted into an Amsterdam Light Festival trip for 340 €.

  • 2 hour tour inclusive of a welcome drink costs 340 €.
  • 2 hour private dinner cruise costs 340 € excluding the food you order which will be billed separately.
  • 3 hours cruise including the welcome drink is 610 €.

The prices obviously vary according to what food you order and how long you want to cruise the canals.

However, one factor that doesn’t vary is the quality of service.