Amusing footage shows 400 sheep marching like well-drilled soldiers

Look at EWE! More than 400 sheep are trained to march like soldiers as they go home with their owner

  • The obedient flock in China has amazed the internet with their discipline 
  • They stage a sheep-style military parade while returning home every day
  • Their owner, Mr Nie, said he had trained the animals to walk in neat lines
  • Footage of the extraordinary march has attracted nearly 6.5 million clicks 

A flock of obedient sheep has amazed the internet with their discipline after being filmed walking in a near-military formation.

More than 400 of them march like well-drilled soldiers in straight lines every day while returning home from grazing in north-eastern China.

The sheep have been trained to parade in such a strict manner, according to their owner.

The sheep’s owner, known by his surname Nie, claims that only the sheep belonging to him are so well-behaved.

Mr Nie told state media People’s Daily: ‘Every day when I gather the sheep to go home, they walk like this.’

He said he would pick a sheep leader for each row and the rest would follow suit.

The herder captured the impressive performance on three separate occasions this month and uploaded the footage onto short-video app Kuaishou.

The clips have been watched nearly 6.5 million times.

A few rule-breakers quickly return to their positions after going astray

Footage filmed by the sheep’s owner shows the flock of sheep advancing in a near-military formation with a few rule-breakers which quickly return to their positions after going astray

According to the man’s profile, he is 24 years old and lives in Qiqihar in the province of Heilongjiang near the Chinese border with Russia.

He told People’s Daily that his sheep advanced in neat lines because there were ditches on the ground, and it was easier for the animals to walk in them.

He also claimed that each of his sheep had a name and as long as he shouted their names, they would come to him. 

Web users have been amused by the sheep’s achievement.

One of them known as ‘Huang Zu Da Xian’ joked on Kuaishou: ‘These are the lamb kebabs on the move.’

Another person called ‘A Zao Xi’ gushed: ‘Military management.’

A third viewer, ‘Duo Duo Ma’, praised: ‘These sheep are so well trained.’