Andaman tourism industry looks forward to the upcoming festive season for revival

The Andaman Islands is an archipelago located below Indian mainlands. Andaman is always known for its beautiful beaches, lush greens, and picturesque locations. Andaman Tourism has been booming in recent years.

It is an ideal location for people who get away from the bustling city madness. Andaman was under a lockdown as per Indian government norms for about six months.

Andaman is finally opening its doors for tourists from all around the world to come and enjoy the place that is Andaman. And companies have made it easy to travel and enjoy the beauties of Andaman. And now is the best time to visit Andaman because the famous Durga puja is all set to begin.

Andaman during Durga puja is a sight to be seen. The whole island gets filled with colorful lights. Durga puja is a festival celebrated to honor goddess Durga who is believed to provide happiness and prosperity to her subjects.

It is a five-day festival that begins on October 22nd and is one of the major attractions of the Andaman. And is a much-awaited festival by natives and tourists alike.

As a part of the Durga puja, the government has planned to open all the major tourist attractions like the cellular jail of Kala Pani, Ross islands, and Baratang islands. Beaches like Radha Nagar beach, Bharatpur beach are being opened.

The opening of Andaman has been great news for small businesses, as they had faced many problems during the days of lockdown. And during Durga puja, there is always a surge in sales of indigenous goods as many shops will be opened near the temples. And as the festival spans over five days, hotel and resort owners are expecting total occupancies.

Durga puja is not just a religious festival that occurs once every year; it is much more than that. It is an occasion when people from all walks of life reunite with their family and friends and have a great time together, and a tourist can feel the spirit of togetherness in the air.

The colorful lights, lip-smacking snacks, and delicacies, beautifully handcrafted artworks will make people come back for more. Some of the major attractions in Andaman during the season of Durga puja are:


Durga temples during this season are filled with lights, flowers, and murals. The vibrant energy of people around and the religious spirit takes the experience to a whole new level.

Shops and eateries

Even if one is not interested in visiting, the shops and eateries around the temple are something that nobody should miss out on. Andaman is known for its exquisite and distinct cuisine.

Durga puja is the best time to experience delicacies that Andaman has to offer. And another unique craft present in Andaman is shell crafting, it is the art of making jewelry, lamps, buttons out shells, and these tiny pieces of art are eye-catching.

Beaches and Islands

Now with every beach and island opened to the public, one should never miss out on visiting these iconic places. The main attractions include Radha Nagar beach, Mahatma Gandhi marine national park, jolly buoy Island, Bharatpur beach, and many others. The beaches and islands provide a peaceful and enriching experience.

Other major attractions

Andaman has a dark history of being a prison for freedom fighters held captive by the British. The cellular jail of Kala Pani is a grim reminder of how hard our ancestors fought to attain the freedom that India enjoys today. It is a must-visit place for anyone planning to come to Andaman.

Ross island is a unique tourist spot of Andaman. As per history, Ross island was a colony under British control where high-rank British officials came to relax. But following an earthquake in 1941, the city was destroyed and is in ruins. But nature has taken over this broken city now; this place looks like something straight out of a fairy tale.

Ferries and cruise ships can be seen all around Andaman. These fun and enjoyable rides with stops all around Andaman and its neighboring island clusters. Ferry rides have been a significant part of Andaman Tourism.

Scuba diving is an activity that is becoming more and more prevalent recently. Andaman is known for its rich marine life and colorful coral growth. Its beauty can be enjoyed up close with the help of scuba diving and is one of the most memorable experiences ever.

Andaman islands will provide one with great memories that they can cherish forever. Andaman is connected to most major countries through air and waterways. One can reach Andaman mainly through Port Blair airport. With Durga puja about to start, now is the best time to experience some of the best days of one’s life; Andaman awaits.