Ange Postecoglou slams new proposals to introduce 10-minute sin bins into professional football and says ‘bin it mate, bin the whole idea!’

  • The Tottenham boss launched into rant about International Football Association
  • Spurs face Man City on Sunday afternoon to try and avoid four losses in a row
  • We expected perfection from VAR – we haven’t got it: Listen to It’s All Kicking Off 

Ange Postecoglou has argued that the planned rules change to introduce sin bins in professional football should be ‘binned’.

The Tottenham boss also launched into a fiery rant about the International Football Association (IFAB) as well.

His side are preparing to face reigning Premier League champions and treble-winners Man City on the weekend.

Spurs have endured three losses on the bounce and they face a tough prospect to stop that against the Manchester side. 

Asked what he thought about the potential rules change, Postecoglou said: ‘Bin it mate, bin the whole idea. Just forget about it. 

Ange Postecoglou has argued any plan to introduce sin bins should themselves be ‘binned’

Mail Sport has launched a campaign to stop the abuse of referees at all levels of the game

Mail Sport has launched a campaign to stop the abuse of referees at all levels of the game

‘I don’t know why they [Ifab] keep interjecting themselves into the game. There’s not that much wrong with the game.


We want to hear from refs who have been abused – or parents who have witnessed atrocious behaviour on the touchline

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‘I guess once they throw an idea like that out they will have already tested the waters. I don’t see a need for it. I don’t think we need to mess with the game too much, but it is what it is.’

Asked what he thought of VAR, he added: ‘I think if they stuck to why they brought it in initially less people would have an issue with it. If I hear one person say that it doesn’t re-referee a game I’ll explode mate because that’s exactly what it’s doing.

‘It was brought in for clear and obvious, right? A clear and obvious error for me would be if all of us in this room saw something and go “that’s definitely wrong”. 

‘I think at the moment it’s going with the majority in this room say it’s wrong. Just leave it for what it was there for. If you’ve got to look at something from seven different angles, slow it down to the minute…that’s not a clear and obvious error, that’s re-refereeing the game.’

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