Angel Reese sounds like ‘jealousy and delusion mixed together’ over Caitlin Clark rivalry and she ‘isn’t that skilled’, says Jason Whitlock

Controversial conservative pundit Jason Whitlock had some harsh words for Chicago Sky phenom Angel Reese in the aftermath of her comments about her place in women’s basketball.

In a recent press conference, Reese said that after her rivalry with Caitlin Clark, she deserves some credit for helping to bring eyeballs to the league.

‘It all started from the [2023 women’s] National Championship game, and I’ve been dealing with this for two years now. And understanding, yeah, negative things have probably been said about me, but honestly, I’ll take that because look where women’s basketball is,’ Reese said.

‘People are talking about women’s basketball, but you never would think that we’re talking about women’s basketball. People are pulling up to games. 

‘We got celebrities coming to games, sold out arenas, just because of one single game. And just looking at that, I’ll take that role. I’ll take the bad guy role, and I’ll continue to take that on and be that for my teammates. 

Pundit Jason Whitlock dismissed the idea that people watch WNBA because of Angel Reese

He claimed that Reese was 'jealous' and that 'She's not that skilled' and 'not that good'

He claimed that Reese was ‘jealous’ and that ‘She’s not that skilled’ and ‘not that good’

‘And if I want to be that, and I know I’ll go down in history, I’ll look back in 20 years and be like, Yeah, the reason why we’re watching women’s basketball is not just because of one person. It’s because of me, too, and I want you all to realize that.’

That led Whitlock to open-handedly dismiss any idea that people would tune in just to watch Reese play.

‘That’s jealousy and envy and delusion all mixed together,’ Whitlock began. ‘Angel Reese has done a couple of nice things, added some femininity to the way these women dress. Great. 

‘No one’s tuning in to watch Angel Reese play basketball. She’s not that skilled. She’s not that good. She’s an energy player. She gets rebounds, she gets puts back, but no one’s tuning in to watch Angel Reese. It’s just not happening. 

‘She’s not Michael Jordan. She’s not Magic Johnson. She’s not Larry Bird. She’s someone that taunted Caitlin Clark on a big stage. Those are the facts.’

Reese was ejected from last night’s game against the New York Liberty for drawing two technical fouls.

She appeared to say something to a referee, leading to the first technical. After waving her hands in a dismissive manner, she drew her second – leading to her ejection.

The discourse surrounding Caitlin Clark grew more this week in the aftermath of a hard foul from Reese’s Chicago teammate, Chennedy Carter. It’s led to a larger discussion about race in the WNBA – with many people chiming in.