Anthony Gordon tells Premier League ‘to get rid of VAR or get better’, as Newcastle star seethes at denial of penalty from tackle that meant he ‘had no sock left’

Anthony Gordon has slammed VAR after the failure to award him a penalty in Newcastle’s 3-2 defeat to Manchester United.

Sofyan Amrabat caught Gordon on the back of his ankle, ripping his sock, inside the penalty area, though no spot-kick was awarded.

It comes on the day that it was announced that Premier League clubs will vote over whether VAR should be scrapped next season. 

Gordon refused to blame the referee for not giving a penalty but insisted he didn’t understand the point of VAR.

When asked about next month’s vote, Gordon said: ‘I‘m actually quite fond of it, I’m fond of the idea, it should be a thing that works in the league but it’s not, there’s consistently too many mistakes.

Anthony Gordon felt he should have been awarded a penalty for a foul by Sofyan Amrabat

‘We’ve missed too many chances to blame anyone else but we could go 1-0 up and then the game changes. It’s a clear and obvious mistake, I don’t know how you can get it wrong. So either get rid of it or get better. It’s very simple.’

Gordon was seen limping at times during the match, in which he scored Newcastle’s equaliser to make it 1-1, before United ultimately won the match 3-2.

Asked how he was after the challenge from Amrabat, he said: ‘Really sore, I’m not too sure on how my ankle will be but I’ve watched the incident back it’s a clear penalty, I don’t mind the referee getting it wrong on the pitch because things happen really quickly. 

‘But I don’t understand what the point of VAR is then because it’s there to correct mistakes. 

‘He goes down my Achilles and pushes me in the back. And then Casemiro comes and gets the ball but it’s two fouls before that. I just honestly don’t see the point in it.’

When asked if it was clear to him that he should have got a penalty, he added: ‘I knew straight away, that’s why I didn’t appeal because I thought I don’t mind the referee not giving it because it’s fast. 

‘But I’ll wait for VAR to check and you can see me telling my team-mates don’t worry it’s a penalty it’s a clear penalty. My sock… I’ve got no sock left so how can that be possible! I don’t understand the point of it I really don’t.’

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