Anthony Mundine speaks of heartbreak after rugby league player Ziggie Vincent takes his own life 

‘A very sad day’: Anthony Mundine posts emotional Instagram video after promising rugby league player takes his own life

  • Rugby league player Ziggie Vincent, 19, took his own life over the weekend 
  • He was living with Anthony Mundine and was good friends with his son, CJ
  • Mundine took to Instagram to express his devastation over the young death 

Anthony Mundine has spoken out after his son’s friend killed himself.

Rising rugby league star Ziggie Vincent, 19, from Griffith, in NSW, took his own life at the weekend.

He had been staying with the former boxing champ and is good friends with Mundine’s son CJ.

Vincent recently signed to the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs’ and was in the club’s Jersey Flegg squad.

Mundine took to his Instagram to speak about Vincent’s tragic death and to urge other struggling youngsters to get help.

‘It’s a very sad day today, very sad,’ he said in the video.

Anthony Mundine has posted a heartbreaking video following the tragic death of talented rugby league player Ziggie Vincent (pictured)

‘I’m a bit emotional here. We lost a brother, young Ziggie Vincent. Took his life this morning… or last night.

‘It’s very hard to take for myself but I can’t imagine [what] his family and close friends, brothers and siblings [are going through].’

He pushed for young players going through a difficult time to seek help rather than suffering alone.

‘I let Zig know I was always there for him … but a lot of these brothers feel like they’re a burden,’ Mundine said.

Mundine took to his Instagram to post a video expressing his devastation over the teenager's death and said he had a 'big future'

Mundine on Instagram

Mundine took to his Instagram to post a video expressing his devastation over the teenager’s death and said he had a ‘big future’

‘But they’re actually not. They’re just shy and don’t want to bring their problems on anyone else.’ 

‘To anyone that has any problems with mental health or are not in a good place. Please speak up to somebody you trust, someone that sheds a good light in your life.’ 

Teammates of the 19-year-old have been offered professional counselling by the Bulldogs as well as the NRL.

‘There was no sign it was coming,’ a club insider told the publication.

‘He had a bright smile and was very popular.’