Anzac Day 2024: Thousands of patriotic Aussies gather for dawn services as pubs prepare to open early for two-up

Two-up was played by Australian soldiers during the First World War, and has since become an Anzac Day tradition.

The game is illegal in venues across most of the country on most days except Anzac Day – which falls on 25 April each year – but the exact rules depend on the state or territory you are in.

Generally, a match manager known as a ‘ringkeeper’ or ‘ringie’ will select a person to be the ‘spinner’.

The spinner will stand in the ring, which is a designated circle in the venue in which only the spinner is allowed.The spinner will place two pennies on a wooden bat, known as a ‘kip’.

Someone will yell ‘come in spinner’ and on that cue, the spinner will toss both pennies up in the air.

They must land within the boundaries of the ring.

Before the coins are tossed, the spinner or other punters will select an amount of money to bet on and find someone in the crowd to match their bet, with one betting on both coins landing heads up, and the other betting on both coins landing tails up.

The spinner will continue to toss the pennies until both land either tails up or heads up.

The ringie will call the result.

The ringie’s decision is final and the winner takes all.