Apollo scores a second single date with Sophie Monk

She shook up the house on Wednesday night’s episode, sending home frontrunner and fan favourite Luke McLeod.

And on Thursday night’s episode of The Bachelorette, Sophie Monk left the house ‘shell-shocked’, giving Apollo a second single date.

The decision left the other boys fuming, with Blake furious he was still yet to have a single date with Sophie. 

‘Shell-shocked. Apollo is not only a dark horse now, he’s a genuine contender. This is a big statement from Sophie,’ Sam said.

But Apollo is unconcerned with hurting feelings in the house, heading on his second date to ‘play with puppies’ alongside Sophie.

‘A day with cute puppies, hanging with a beautiful woman I can’t wish for anything more,’ Apollo gushed.

Sophie was equally complimenting, adding: ‘I was watching Apollo play with the puppies and I realised he’s strong but he’s so sensitive and so soft, and then funny. He’s got it all going.’

After getting to know their furry friends, Sophie revealed the two would be doing a session of dog yoga.

‘When I think romantic, couples doga doesn’t immediately come into mind, but I’m sure in some way, this will be romantic,’ Apollo said.

‘This is probably the weirdest thing I’ve done this far.’

The couple couldn’t stop laughing during their date, with Apollo’s puppy going to sleep while the other bit Sophie’s foot.

But things got serious when the sun went down, with the two bonding while roasting marshmallows over an open fire. 

As they chatted, Sophie revealed she was wary about dating Apollo because he was an entertainer like her. 

‘All I want is someone to experience something with that’s actually on my side and not competing with me. But you, you love being in the industry?’ Sophie asked. 

‘I’m happy doing it for it. Like, it’s not a competition.  In the last few years, I’ve stopped comparing myself to other people and just started running my own race,’ Apollo replied.  

As they shared similar stories about their childhood, talk flowed into Sophie giving Apollo another rose and a passionate kiss.

After their date, Apollo confessed he had grown ‘strong feelings’ for Sophie.  

Meanwhile back at the mansion, and all the boys except Apollo would be going on a group date with Sophie.

Blake was hopeful it would mean at least some alone time with the blonde bombshell. 

As they arrived at their group date, host Osher Gunsberg revealed they would be competing in the first ever ‘Bachelorette regatta’. 

Racing in teams, Jarrod, Sam and Blake were on the red team, while James, AJ and Stu were on the blue team.

Competing for alone time with Sophie, Jarrod immediately jumped into competition mode.

But while Jarrod was running around on deck, Blake took some time to get time with Sophie, offering her a back massage. 

Furious, Jarrod later fumed: ‘I turn around to talk tactics and Blake’s massaging Sophie. I thought, “You’ve got to focus on winning this race, “and massaging isn’t part of a race”.’

 Stu was equally annoyed, saying: I saw Blake over on the other boat giving Soph what I reckon he would call a massage…  it might be getting towards desperation stakes for Blakey.’



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