Apps and Websites That Help You Save Time and Money

No matter how hard you work and how many hours you put in on the job, money always seems to be a problem in life. Expenses for rent or your mortgage, rising utility costs and monthly grocery bills eat up a lot of your monthly income. When you add costs for childcare and insurance and deductions for tax withholding, that leaves most families barely getting by each month. Time always seems to be in short supply too. With the demands of full-time jobs most parents barely have enough time to keep their relationships going, much less tend to all their family’s needs. It’s a constant sort of hamster-wheel run as you try to juggle all the responsibilities and still make quality time for your family. With all that is going on it is really important to save time and money wherever you can.

See Your Doctor Online and Save Money on Prescriptions

Many individuals and families find themselves without health insurance coverage. Fortunately, there are now some national services that let you consult with an online physician at an affordable price. Some even have a monthly subscription plan where you pay less than $10 and that lets you do your telemedicine appointments for less than $50. You can also save a bundle on prescriptions by using one of the apps that shops pharmacy prices for you. Simply enter the city you’re from, the medicine you need and they’ll instantly give you deep discounts. If natural remedies appeal to you, you may find that medical marijuana can help. Busy professionals who live in Missouri can save time and money by getting their medical marijuana card (MMJ) online. To get your medical marijuana card in Missouri, just go online and you’ll be connected to a licensed provider who can assess your needs and provide the certification you need. From there you simply register with the state and you’ll receive you card in the mail.

Create Your Own Culinary Adventure

While you can save money by cooking from scratch, sometimes you need a break from cooking and want a treat. If you use an app like Yelp you can easily craft your own culinary adventure and save money too. Search in your area for restaurants that are a single $, and you’ll find lots of mom and pop establishments that offer great food at an affordable price. Often these restaurants have great deals and create food with a lot of love and heart. You can easily select places with great reviews and even get recommendations so you can order the best meals. While you enjoy your delicious dinner, you’ll also have the pleasure of knowing you are supporting a local place run by hard-working people who are just like you.

Save Money and Make Traveling a Breeze

If you have been working too hard and need a break from it all, it’s time for a weekend getaway or special trip. Vacations can be expensive but, fortunately, there are some great apps that can have you traveling in style and saving money at the same time. As your first step, download one of the national lodging review sites where you can see both reviews and general information for lodging where you’d like to stay. Once you have selected the best places, you can then shop the hotel booking apps to get the best price. You can also go to one of the coupon sites and score promo codes, which may save you an additional ten to fifteen percent.